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Friday, March 24, 2006

Going The Google Way

I purchased this book "The Google Story" just for the heck of it. Daily, as I read it, would get more and more addicted in learning more about the Google guyz and the Google success. So the ~250 page odd book got over too soon....

This google-read made me more addictive towards google sites, their finance stuff, the google - microsoft war. I got more and more attracted towards everything that had the google name associated to it.

Presently am a huge fan of Google Desktop. This tool is really cool, not only does it index all the stuff on your HDD but also it has added a new feature (which now makes google desktop search look like a feture) ,called the Google Panel. This panel sits to the right/left of your desktop and you can have all sorts of little windows(plugins) within them.

The computer monitor started to get boring and thats when this Google panel came along. When idle (or even when one is not!) one can really have fun with this. Yes it does reduce your desktop space but it adds to the look and feel. (And if u hate the panel u can just get rid of it and use the desktop search as earlier).

Just let me describe some handy plugins here:
Email Plugin: This is really cool - it actually gets updated for every mail that arrives at your outlook inbox and u get a preview of the mail and can read it in its own little lightweight window without having to goto Outlook!

Winamp Plugin: With this, u have the basic play stop functionality from the panel it self- so u dont have to have your winamp window maximised for the same. Also u can associate little photos per song (this requires another software called tag-tuner2). Its neat.

Dictionary Plugin: Using this whatever u copy to the clipboard , it looks up at a set of dictionary sites to give u the meaning in the panel.

Photo cycler: With this the photos keep cycling for all the derictories specified in a random order. It really does nothing great but adds to the looks (and also its cool to realize some of the photos that come up - and u totally forgot about them)

Then u have all these :The calulator/Weather/Google-Chat/Todo list plugins just to name a few.

But boy am I addicted to Google!

True it might fade off soon- and better- it might just get much better.

The Google OS (GooOS) -yeah its scheduled late in 2010 or maybe it would be used internally by Googlers. (But its something to look forward to).

Also they have comeup with this laptop which would be crank powered(OLPC) - Aimed basically for the developing countries where having a stable electric source or basic infra-structure is an issue. So for the betterment of those people MIT in conjunction with google folks have designed this comp priced at just 100$. Sure enough Gates thinks the Google Guyz are nuts.

Talk about info dump: Google Books is an amazing site: U get to search much of the books online. I was surprised when I could actually read the books online and the key-word search drilled into the pages of the book! Then you have all the white papers and the techy papers one wants to find easily - Google Scholar.

Talk about rivalry: Googles new Finance site , though in its beta phase is really cool. U can pan the stock graph and scale along from one time to another using a good graphic light weight interface! At the same time u get relevant finance news searched from blogs and other news sites. Sure its going heads on with Yahoo finance and other brokerage sites!

Talk about thirst for inovation: The google guyz are diverifying the landscape by stepping into the bio-tech scene. Talk about googling for your genes! [2]

Its amazing! A young roughly 10 year old company started by 2 youths and making a bash and boom and sounding the first-step bugle with drum rolls in all sectors : finance(with the company going public in an unconvetional way), technology (the best search engine for its times- sure enough there are emerging 3rd generation search engines making their presence(eg. Lexxe), marketing (no money advertising :just by word of the mouth and at the same time making money in the most unconventional way to advertise on the web : Google Ads). Now thats something really commendable and to look upto!

Sure enough someone might come along and be more prefer'ed, but for now its the Google Guyz!



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