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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kattha Public...

Well the heading is not just for a bunch of Software engineers working for one of the most respected organizations (atleast from Public view :) )!

I joined Veritas some 2 years back and it was just Utpal Ravi and Me then. Right from setting up the labs to recruiting people we were there. Slowly and steadily the group shot up from 3 emp to a good 15 member team in 1 year all this with 1 casualty. All members are unique in their own way!

Definately one of the most closely knit groups I have ever worked with! But again casualty rate struck high and now after about 6 months from the 15 member high we are down to about 8 members (with 3 new additions). Tensions were high and people were still leaving.

Lots of work pressure and less developers to work on the same! Last week we closed enough bugs to have some breathing room, and reopen the floodgates to TP and fun 'n frolic!

This week was fun, had fun virtually everyday. Monday (I dunno or remember what I did) .. Tuesday we finished up with the work soon and left early ...Wednesday left at 6pm for the movie 'Taxi No 9211' and yes kicked enough B'day bumps for Muluk's successful (supposedly) 27 years! Today(2nd March '06) again with my promotion being announced, walked down to the little red tea stall and had a lot of cold drinks and tea after having death-defying meetings all day!

Sitting at the tea stall, we decided all the parties in line (Shirish to get married - Biraja and Sanjay to become daddy's soon - Sujit to quit soon and goto US - Avik to get promoted soon - Me on my promotion - Muluk just for the heck of it and Sheetal for enjoying all our parties :)) hahahaaa ) . Next weekend we might back our bags to RajguruNagar to Muluk's place and also visit Bhimashankar at the same time (everyone is looking forward to this trip!)

Amazing, every afternoon after lunch we stroll down behind Mayfair tower-2 and sit in the shade and have all sorts of discussions. Most of the times it would be about party times and where we could goto celebrate to chill off this summer. Sheetal would get tensed at times (due to the low working strategy and start some work related discussion - and all would jump into it, the TP discussion suddenly transforms into a workrelated meeting - but still casual and crisp!).

One thing is for sure no matter what - I know one day(sooner or later) this group is going to loose all of its existing members (each one unique chapters in themselves). If I wait till that day - it would be one of my most uncomfortable, nerve-recking times esp. after living through the Utpal's ,Vikash's, Sujata's,Jayashree's, Ashish's, Rahul's,Gul's,Yogesh's, Ravi's,Pavan's .. ... casualties! Sigh .... ...

Someone told me once. Its something you got to get used to, its a software company and people move on to better opportunities- You just got to live through it - That's life.

Yup - Life goes on and you loose someone just to find him/her again sometime. Okie I have barked off enough philosophy - does not suite me. Well all those who have left (from this kattha group ) do keep meeting us at parties and general meetups!

So no repents and hard-feelings...
But definitely : The Goa trip - The Lonavala-Kumar resort trip amongst various other outings surely are some I shall cherish in the times to come!

And yes as Sanjay says 'Saaalla.. pura College ka public lagta hai yaar hum... kisi katthe pe jaake baithe hue... lagta hi nahi hai ki kisi Software company ke hain!' :) ...

I am truly a fortunate person to always land up with such closely knit people and make such close- affable - lovable friends for life!

Phir Philosophy - Bahut Ho Gaya Yaar !



Blogger Aniket Anikhindi said...

all English typos forgiven..

i couldnt understand this post till i read the last paragraph. please change the title and all references in the post to "Katta" as opposed to "Kattha".

does that book wala in ABC have another copy of Sahyadri Companion by YZT? What's the name of the shop? And what's the cost? And what's the edition?

3:20 PM  

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