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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


The day started with a lot of activity, geting the car rectified and then running up and down with my tired dad(who just came back from Madras) at Pandit auto. Back home had to drop mom to school by 12 in the afternoon. So off we sped from home at around 11:40, and zip we reached school by 12 in the afternoon!

Driving back to office from there, I went via my school road. They have changed the uniforms for the kindergarten class now, the kids look really cute with reddish-maroon checks (some blue stipes here and there) and red pants. Looked at the schhol gound from the road and poof flashed those days, when we use to play cricket with an exam-wodden-board and a rolled handkerchief. Beyond that I noticed the distant quadrangle where we would have our morning assembly and the assembly stage! I used to get punished many times for coming late 0u know cane beats and kneel on the assembly stage till short-break :).

Nothing has changed, except for some renevation here and there. The church still stood as it was 12 years before I passed off this institution. The cycle stand is still the same on the ground. I could see some blue shirts and dark blue half pants, maybe they are from 7th std. That uniform has not changed.

As I drew furthur I saw one Kindergarten kid running off the pavement towards a hanging root of a banyan tree, where another was haning and swinging. Pooof.. I remembered those days when Nilu(Nilesh Doshi) and me used to wait for the school to get over so that we could run out of school to the Khadki post bus stop and start hanging and playing on the banyan roon over the wild congress grass terrain! Vegas miss who use to come there , often use to shout at us "U kids dont know the dangers - what if u swing onto the road - the congress grass is known to cause astama -Niesh u have astama dont u - and u Vinod ur mom is a teacher, and this is what u do ". " WE would look down and give an innocent "sorry miss".

Playong flying-disk- football, cricket, football, catch catch, choor police, kabaddi,hade and seek and what not! Those were amazing days...

Furthur down till I reached the road bend I realised, I had this broad smile stuck onto my face and was having a hard time geting rid of it :)...

Nostalgic... Today too at office as I was chating to AJD , we recalled those days in my previous company (ASC) when D and me would share a corner cabin. There we had the room to ourselves -singing songs and takling all sorts of things. I would all of a sudden go "Kyuun Kii"... then both of us would go "na karo kaam bura ... na karooo kaam bura .. har burai ka sada .. hota hai anjaam bura ... Har ek burai ka hota hai bas .. anjaam bura anjaam bura" the song from Sarfarosh.

We recollected those times when Niraj use to share the cabin with us. This guy would simple repeat whatever we told him, u know simple things like - if I said "hey man"... Niraj : "hey man" D would ask " kya chal raha hai ..." Niraj "kya chal raha hai ". I would say "Kya niraj" he would sau "kya ana". This "kya ana" sort of became his identity! And because of this of his we named him property "Vaadi Processor " (Mountain Processor- since it echos there "vadiyon mein hi aawaz guunjti hai ") :))

Wowow D and me laughed at this conversation in chat!

Alas, I am siting here living up more days to get nostalgic in the coming days :)
A cycle, not at all vicious, but vicious living in the pages of history!



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