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Monday, February 06, 2006

Couch Potato

Pavan would be leaving in a few days time, and he always heard of me trekking and playing around on the hills and mountains. This was enough for him and Sheetal to get exited for an amazing trekking weekend. I was very much in for the idea.

But as usual, ppl dropped out and it was just the 3 of us, so we decided to push it forth for the following weekend. Well I was unmoved and decided to hit Sinhagad on Sat. Now that steep mountain hadnt seen me for a loong time, thought I'd surprise her!

It was 2 am and I was browsing the channels like a maniac... eyes were red and felt my face go dry and drowzy. Decided to trek on Sunday morning.. so Saturday started at 11am! Mom Dad and Grandma were way to content to see me home and wake up in the me-old usual self-style! So I started the day with some tea, rolled the newspapers with me to the hall. It had been ages since I had seen black journalistic ink spilled on porus white paper! Felt good siting in the hall lazing with a white T-shirt and a blue bermuda and its nada hanging all the way down allowing some ants mimich the black-dress commando.

So by afternoon, mom and dad were at their high asking me to get the PUC done... so off we left to get the PUC at Shankar math off SarasBaugh. Everything went fine, when all of a sudden we decided to drop the next Crosswords assult to a drive to Kanifnath. So off we went through the busy evening traffic to the laid back lazing roads of BapDev ghat towards Saswad when after about about an hour we reached up the Kanifnath Samadhi. The weather was cool.. and the air was filled with the 'tukka mahane.. ' coming off the loudspeakes... No crowd at all ,except for the few badjis who were at their usual recitals.

Walked around the samadhi and the blissful surroundings to the hauman temple/satue and the various other deities before we decided to get down and have some amazing misal and chaay at a tapri! Mom dad enjoyed the surroundings and the sunset to the fullest , and moresoever did mom and me when we gave an ajji bai and her grandchildren a lift to the lower village.

Post this I decided to surprise my folks with some amzing quality Bhel and stuff at Kalyan bhel near Kondwa off NIBM. Dad enjoyed his Ragda Pattice and butterscotch icecream despite the nono big nono's, mom luved her pani puri and mango mastani while relished myself with Sitafal mastani and packed home some Bhel.

The day ended at about 11 in the night when I set the alarm for 4:45 next morning.

I woke up at about 11am after shutting off the balring mobile alarm at 4:45am! SO I said to my self "maybe a weekends rest is not a bad idea afterall!" . Sunday went all lazy siting of the sofa being a couch potato and sipping lots of tea before Andya and Nilu came by in the evening . Had a great TP time then Nilu left, Biru arrived - we went chatter chatter over tea and amazing hot bhajjis mom had prepared! I was left to myself after an amazing walk down memory lane via the late evening (8pm) roads via JM and the bridges past Garware, Andya bid his farewell!

Waited till about 12 at night, watching Kalyug, for mys siters phone call but that never happened!

The weekend ended at about 1am...

Well did I mention I planned to start jogging this week... well it never happened today after waking up at 9:30am! :)) hahaaha



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