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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The soul flies free... Part 4 (Meet the lot)

Being a vagabond at heart and ever thirsty for adventure, I got the best of it all during my Paragliding course with TemplePilots. For starters the whole team one gets to interact and learn with during the course are truly down to earth and very passionate about the sport and more so even more passionate at geting their students to learn the right things!

So now lets meet this wonderful friendly team and the new student friends I made during my course:

So lets meet my instructurs!

Avi: He is one amazing personality, being an ex-Avaition pilot he holds all the knowledge and skill necessary to mentor the skill for this very wonderful sport! Loves to interact with students and holds no grudge for anything -thats the best part of him. Fun to be with and always with this Cap and smile anywhere anytime!

Anita: One electrifying personality, and definately I should say the one who gives this Paragliding club the punch line it got: The Laughing Pilots. A very sweet and friendly person. Definately luvs all sorts of aimals and laughs her gutz out at any jioke :) - Dont kill me for stating this

TJ (Tanaji) : One of the coolest of instructors I've met! I never thought of him as an instructor on the first day, simply due to his cool attitude. But definately as days went past got to see what an amazing talent skill and charisma he held towards the sport and mentoring his students for the same. An amazing person to be with!

Dhawal : Yet another cool instructor Ive ever met, from the field of space sciences -I keep calling him Rocket scientist in my grey :). A very cool dude, always ready to explain in full lengh about anything and definately a great guyto be with!

Bhola : Just as his name indicates, he very much a quiet person. A very sweet guy, and way too helpful- definately takes some time to get him comfortable with you (but one instatntly gets comfortable with him!), but once he is- there is no stopping him in mentoring you and cracking jokes.

Now Meet my fellow students!

Sachin : Always a smile on his face with his great moustache! An avid mountaineer and ohh boy an amazing person to be with. One can easily befriend him in no time, and he is like your pal for rest of the days! Says "I wana climb a mountain and paraglide off it"

Sudarshan : At first I thought of him as a serious dude, but he turned out to be way too cool and always ready with his silent humor and down to earth -friendly attitude! Very comfy to be with and very helpful indeed!

Siddharth : In his teens, still a little kid:). Very talkative and always looking around for some sort of mischief. Says "I wana be a big bully 'dada' when I grow up!" and boy! was that the topic of discussion for all time in the P1 course! But at the same time a very innocent and a strightforward guy!

Bharat: One amazing guy, always full of knowledge and queries in the field of Paragliding. Really cool to be with and a consistent smile on his face. Being experienced in this sport more than any of us students, always there to give us a helping mentor hand at geting our hands right with the rectangular kite!

Ashwini: In her teens, very much on the quiter side. Definately needs someone to cary her glider up the slope! Never eats vegetables, but talks of all sorts of things. For me it looked like she was following some sort of family tradition by geting into this Paragliding sport -here dad /sis are all pros/amateurs in this sport!

Jamshed: A cool dude- laid back attitude, no interference. But aa haan... when he talks he speaks a million words in a single line! No doubts very easy to get friendly with this marine engineer, and as days go by one of the coolest persons to be with!

Karamveer (Kams) : Another electrifying guy, he starts and you cant stop him. Just wayy too friendly and always ready with a helping hand. The best part about him- gets angry easily and gets over it in no time whatsoever! Befriended him in no time, so did anyone who is everyone!

Rahul : My coolest buddy ever since college days, just a paragraph would be injustice to describe him or let you know anything about this wacky sense of humor and very helpful with a cool atitude for anyone! Definately, you would befriend him in no time ! Just from what he said about someone quoting about him 'one gujju who spends money on such sports :))'

Visiting students/Pilots:
Jassi/Bhavna/Vivek/Iven/MR. Oak: Just an amzing bunch of people, simpy spelling the fact out loud - if anyone has the slightest doubts that they made a mistake of being here just how WRONG they were!

Meet the staff:
Arti (didi/amma) : Very sweet person, just tooo tough to find her without a smile. I bet on anything if could catch her without a smile! A very friendly person but more on the quieter side!

Loren/Rohan : Mother and son who run the Japalouppe farm! Cool people - you would never know that they are the owners for this huge farm, simply because they dont behave that way. Very cool and friendly!

Meet the pets:
Chilly/Dodo/Tylor/Simba/Floppy/(another pooch forgot his name) : A wierd set of muts, why - they look fierce but behave like a herd of sheep! VEry sweet and affectionate - so sweet that they might even give hearty wag to a thief! Always around you when u have food, always sleeping around or sunbathing and waiting to get petted at other times!

And now meet the rest from the Animal kingdom!
Horses: A pleasure for the eyes, but not so much for the ears -I never undersood till then end if those huge wierd bombarding noses were off thier mout or their backs!

Geese: Again a pleasure for the eyes - but very irritating for the ears. Keep screeching all night!

Donkey : Never got to see him clearly . But always got him in my ears- all 7 days of my course!

Cats : Something you never see at Japalouppe -I was thrilled when I saw one little timid soul sneaking at the fence!

So that how TemplePilots let me set my soul free- not just in flight but also for every moment of those 7 wonderful days!

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