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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The soul flies free... Part 2 (Reverse Kiting)

The P1 couse with TemplePilots did leave its footprint hard on my path and I had to - just had to attend the second course -the P2 level. Its a different story that if I do my certification immediately or not - but had to fly higher and get comfy with that reverse kiting thingy and at the same time I desperately wanted to get back in a harness and pull the glider up above my head and run off the edge!

It was happy smiles and "hey yo ..." to be back at Japalouppe farms and make new friends -fellow students. The main focus point for the P2 course was reverse kiting and soaring techniques -especially ridge soaring!

The first session was pretty quick with all us students making all kinds of mistakes trying to reverse kite the glider, but in the coming days and by the last day I was very -very much comfortable with it, so much so that I could judge the direction in which I wanted to walk with the glider -uphill downhill sideways! It was mindblowing -the feeling u get when u pull the A-raiser towards you and then a force goes up with the glider as u control it, then let both your hands free once the canopy is up and u start controling the energy held by this plastic cloth - it looks like some wierd dance move. I thouroughlly enjoyed every bit of it! I still now a days -unknowingly - stand and get in that crouching position and start gripping and pulling in something towards me then let my hands go up -face up ,then release what I held -open my palms and get my hands up in a cross-ish position and start swaying my hips sideways:)).

Thats reverse kiting... something I really loved in this P2 session! And every instructor was there with me in this - and a big thanks and hats off to each and everyone (Avi / Anita / Dhawal / TJ / Bhola / Bharat) who helped me achive it to near comfort confidence and some perfection!

What really helped me learn this new kiting skill was, when I had to assist one of my fellow students -Goor - to reverse kite and he kept doing all sorts of mistakes and I kept correcting him the very same way my instructors did for me! This was one hevean of a learning experience, and helped me pump in greater levels of confidence in kiting the glider more comfortably!

Apart from the 750ft takeoffs, Reverse Kiting definately was one of the main and most important of all highlights in this P2 course!

Needless to say I ended the course with more tighter bonds with everyone whome I met anew and the ones I already knew!

Hats off to all !

Stay tuned to hear/read more about he 1000ft+ flights! :)

till then nJoY the Pictures

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