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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The soul flies free... Part 1 (A fresh new lesson)

Paratech ... Airea .... Epsilon .... Gin-BloeroPlus....
Confused haan... :) dont be these are the those meters of traslucent plasticish cloth material with meters of kevlar strings that let one to be suspended mid air in a comfortable sitting position in something called a harness!

Paragliding its called....

In the last month, I have done 2 of these courses the beginners and the novice level. Let me tell you the first couple of days is not at all easy with the Paraglider, inflating it - running around with it - killing/ deflating it all this on a slope: up and down for 2 -3 hours straight in 2 sessions per day! But yes with determination and conviction to get my hands and soul right for this sport, picked up the things pretty well! All thanks to TemplePilots : Avi/Anita/TJ/Dhawal and Bhola !

The first flight - this happened in a hop :) (A hop is something where u run with the glider then brake and get lifted (hop) and debrake continue running and the process goes on..). I was running down this slop at Shinde Wadi with Dhawal instructing me and pusing me as I ran -Avi and Anita watching me closely from the distant Wind sock, then came this little ditch so I applied a little brakes and thre I was in flight for a couple of seconds "RELEASE THE BRAKES... RELEASE IT.. ITNA NAHI!!!!!!" Dhawal kept shouting, until later -when I was off my little happy light headed dream world- that I realised I was braking too much and I released it slowly and continued running and hopping and controling the glider. "That was verry good Vinod...
U dont look like a first timer with the glider..." said Anita and Avi nodded in agreement and I (dunno how) had my 32 sparkling teeth shining off my drenched and dripping helment and face, nodded in content -"YEah... :) thank you.. "

The first true flight- This was again at Shinde Wadi in my beginners level training, I was awarded the Paratech glider- since thats the one that closely matched my weight. So up we pilots trekked Shinde wadi with me being the restless first one to get off for the flight. TJ
confirmed my Pre-fligh checks and I was ready to forwad lauch downwards towards where Avi and Anita were standing. Surprisingly I was feeling a little shaky pre lauch- later all my instrauctors confirmed that it just normal :D. So TJ said "just keep pulling, when
I say release -release and pull a little brakes and run... just follow my instructions closely and react fast.. OK". I was a little shaky and conveyed the same to him .. he said "dont wory .. just follow my instrauctions. So TJ held my straps and was standing in a pulling position while I stood in a crouching running position. "OK ... ready ... GOOO.. run..." I ran and thats when I felt the sheer power of the pictureless invisible gust of Air as it pushed hard against the glider and we - TJ and me - had to put in quiet some effort to get it up. "RELEASE!!!!" shouted TJ... just as instatntly I released the A-Raisers , "Pull brakes..." I pulled in lightly at the brakes , "RUNNN runnn runnn..." And I ran frantically towards the edge which was just some 5 steps away ... but it seemed to take me forever to get there with the pulling force behind me. In no time my legs kept wagging and had no ground below- I was airbone! "Start Left..." said TJ - I started the Left turn... "Ok Vinod relax and njoy your flight..." said Avi. Thats when I looked around to see the distant horizon and the tekdi behind me I took off from and the ground wayy below me some 200ft away. Then when I saw Avi near the Wind sock "Ok Vinod start your right turn ..." so now I was nearing the left end of the tekdi and I had to steer right... "More right ... more right... Goood..." and made a successfull right turn as I was loosing altitude. and now I kept gliding straight in towards Avi/Anita And Bhola. "Prepare for landing ... pull your brakes... start running..." And in no time I felt the usual sensation of ground below my feet and I ran forward and turned around and killed /deflated the glider (Though it was not that successfull a deflation -it was good for my first flight!). "Excelllent Vinoodd!!!" Shouted Anita, as Bhola assisted me in musrooming and packing the canopy. Avi came in and congradulated on my first successful
flight - followed by a few pictures!

These were the initial flights from my P1 course that got me confidence and the right attitude for all the forthcoming flights!

Till then nJoY these snaps

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