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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Farewell To Pavan...

Today is Pavan's last day, so we decided to take a treat off him yesterday. Pizza Hut was the place decided for the meet and 7:30 was the time. Everyone was there -Avik / Sheetal / Rahul / Me / Yogesh / Praveen(GAbbar) / Muluk / Sujit / Jayashree /Anand and Pavan ofcourse!

WE got one of the side tables and then later had to stick in another one to accomodate this huge bunch. Plates after plates of Garlic bread kept flowing into our table and definately pitchers after pitchers of Pepsi and Mountain Dew! Pavan did not seem to mind it neither did we :)

All of a sudden a little group started singing a birthday song for some little cute girl at another end, we too started clapping our hands and sang lightly along. All of a sudden everyone remembered that it was Avik's Birthday the next day - Why not celebrate it!

Avik said nono... sagle nishfal prayatne... So we all started singing the Birthday song for Avik in all Josh .. we did that twice I think! Pizza Hut went silent under our thundering voice... in no time one of the waiters cameby to ask whoes Birthday it was. Avik was taken to the front of Pizza Hut with our 'wooohoooo' and claps. Then there was this Pizza Hut style Birthday song and all of the customers and the hosts kept singing and clapping! It was fun!!!!!

BAck at the table the menu went forth with 5 -6 huge pizza's and Garlic breads. The other family gave us a plate of Cake (so sweeet of them!) , but we decided not to eat all of it rather splat it on Aviks bhola bhalla face :) . In no time Avik rushed to the toilet with Rahul to clean himself up...

The talk continued into the night .. all sorts of things . People kept droping glasses and pizzas in total exitement. The party came to an end at about 10:30pm.

Outside Pizza Hut we continued the shoor sharaba (loud talk and shouts) and that block outside of Pizza Hut went silent when Sujit took endless amount of time simply to click a group photo! :)

In no time we all decided to pick our ways home and Pavan was all content with his little in-expensive bill of 2500/- :).

That was one amazing day I have had at Pizza Hut ever in my life!

Check out the snaps here



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