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Meet me - know me - read my posts and try to figure me! Well I am someone who is always thirsty for adventure, someone who simply hates playing sheep(u know the types - follow the herd!). An enthusiastic trekker, who loves to travel and ever ready for one of those wierd new found sports- luv to make new friends and njoy being my family's pet :)!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Mental Stew..

Was in turmoil yesterday, things were/are not going my way for quiet sometime now. Still.. I cant just sit back and burn myself in that. The guyz were after me for showing them a movie, finally it was decided that I would show them 'Rang De Basanti'. Day decided was YEsterday (10th Feb '06) at E-sqaure the 7:10 pm show.

Bidding Ravi (our manager) his final goodbyes we reached E-square where we ended up waiting for the 8:15 show since not enough tickets were available for the 6 of us (Motu/ Uncle/ Hritik/ Shirish/ Sita-anna and me) .

Well the moment the movie started with a quote in amir's voice it received claps and "woohoos " from the audience me inclusive! The next 3 hrs took me off my current being to a totally different world with 7 new found friends somewhere in Delhi! The movie was doubtlessly a classic - the first half revolved around the life of a group of buddies and all the things they do (just the very way most of us did in adolescence/college days -some which I still do :) ).

Amazing- laughs and college time jokes the laid back attitude - the audience going to splits at regular intervals and silent at other times! All this came to commotion and wierd comments when the reel geting burnt on screen with the "dinge dinge dinge dinga..." song just starting. Then interval came up in about 10 minutes after the movie restarted from the song.

Second half was also cool, the ending was a little goofed up - but I enjoyed it , how? Well I took the goof up at the right way to twist the movie and njoyed every bit of it!

For all this time I was in my own world smiling, geting silent, serious, wide-eyed - all sorts of emotions - totally transported out of my own garlic-stew and mint-grey...

The day ended with me typing back an SMS all the way, walking from E-square to the parking lot across the road... the emotions from dream land took a stride and faded off in the quieter side of day. The drive retrived the lentoff grey that transcended all odds...

I was back in my world.... Garlic-stew... ... ... ... ...



Blogger Mangs said...

Hey Vindys .. just read Mental Stew .. was awesome.. cannot wait to read the others ..

7:51 PM  
Blogger H Venkatesha said...


Great going man ... go ahead! and rock man!

I told you once, that you can start writting a great blog ... !becase you've a excellent writting skills...
I'm sure that, once your start writting you would start getting responses from different people ...!
anyways don't know whether from different people ..but I'm sure that you should be getting some specific responses from "Special" ones!
keep it up ;)

9:39 PM  
Blogger Prashant Varma said...

Hey Vindy,
Nice blog, although the usage of some words were dubious. I did not understand the title though, mental stew...garlic stew? Anyways, knowing u, I can figure that out. The dates seemed to be mixed up but thanks for sharing your experience on watching 'Rang De Basanti'. I am an Amir fan & now I want to watch the movie more than ever. Hope someone shows it in this part of the US. Rock on!!!!

10:42 PM  

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