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Saturday, February 18, 2006

To the Minar of ... again!

Nilesh said we must watch RDB and Ajay said he wanted to watch the movie with me again! So ok, we decided either Thursday or Friday evening it would be since Nilu had to leave for Hyderabad over the weekend.

Day decided was friday and any show late evening, which turned out to be the last 10:15 pm show at City Pride on 17th Feb '06-friday :) . Ajay dropped out since his relatives came by. Seated at E-18/19 in Screen 1 of City Pride we watched the movie.

Now that I had seen the movie earlier , I was in a comfy position to compare the 2 theaters, E-square has better picture quality and better BOOM effect (thats probabbly because the hall size was small there)... either ways I felt E-square was better ). Here - some English conversations were dubbed in Hindi as well... so some different version of the movie :P.

Still those 3 hours of the night took me from Friday to saturday with 7 old friends on the celluloid with all mixed immotions and now with a better level of comfort with the support cast as well! I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. Moreover with Nilu next to me we were like 'ohh papajii .. meinkya paaji.. ' here and there in course of the movie!

The next day started with me going to bed at about 3am after browsing the TV world on my 29" Sony :)

The weekend started with me geting up today at about 12:30 in the after afternoon and doing nothing but lazing around. Now I would be going to Anil's place , Pritam would be coming and so would Andya (if he can -would join us late). The best part was tody I called Anil- And I thought his mom picked the phone...

Me: Hello Aunty .. is Anil there..
(some giggles and grumbles...)
Anil: Kya be hero...
Me: Edyaa.. kya be....
Anil: .. Abbe jhand meri biwi ko Aunty bulata hai..
(I am like zapped.. what do I do.. take it cooool..)
Me: Oye wo kuch dinon mein Aunty to ban hi jayengi.. mein to bas adat lagwa raha huun...
(wooof.. :) )

The conversation continues.. I should wear some armour when I visit Anil now :)



Blogger Prashant Varma said...

Mein kya, paaji, hamare liye aunty kab la rahe ho?

7:06 AM  

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