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Monday, February 27, 2006

Shivaji is smiling down at me...

I climbed Rajgad once in the rainy season with Yog,Pal,Mahen and me. It was all green and we took the Yak route (via Pali darwaza). It was tiring simply for the fact that it had too many steps. Anyways we made our descent via a more sensible route (Choor darwaza). Post trek I always wanted to get up the Choor darwaza. Little did I know that I would climb Rajgad multiple and always by this better trekkable route!

Within the last 30-40 summer days (approx a month) I climbled Rajgad 3rice! I surprised myself each time and so did my trek mates at later times.

The 3rd time I had been taken a group of novices for the trek, and they stunned me by completing it with no grudges whatsoever and in pronto time! This time again, I co-led the trek with AJD and Paresh and was stunned at how the first-timers, the novices surprised us by geting up and back down in a single day! (I thought it would take us forever to reach the top and a life time to get down!).

AJD wanted to get his wife(Anjali) to start trekking so that it would make some sense to her everytime he told his wife he is wandering off on a trek or everytime he narrated some trek chronicles to her! With this thought in mind we decided to trek on to Rajgad (the simple Tikona was kicked off my own suggestion by me:) ) .

Ajay,Paresh,Shilpa,Anjali,Sujata and me were the ones for this trek. Took a better motorable scenic ghat route from behind Sinhagad towards Nasrapur- thanks Paresh. The route was pretty much shorter than the usual and was wayy too scenic. Took a break to capture the breath taking views of Rajgad and Torna from a distance!

The trek start was pretty slow, which was very much anticipated . After about 1/2 hour or so I started geting second thoughts when Shilpa started vomiting and I saw the unforgiving fatigue in Anjali and Sujata. So after a grueling 3 hours of much more we got to the top! I was stunned when I realised we actually came up and was very pleased to see that some one took my advice of moving slow and steady seriously- Anjali!

FRom the top we decided to goto Suvela machi (mostly because of me since I wanted to do that - and secondly none of the girls wanted to climb up again - so Balekilla was out and Paresh was let down, not for long though!). Hike was cool , we decided for lunch along the Fort walls in the shade and then took a breif nap before we entered the Nedha.

Geting into the Nedha and siting in and experiencing the world from a hole- loking at the endless horizon and mystics of nature at both ends from within a rock wall was one thing and geting down (or should I say guiding/assisting firsttimers) the Nedha was another.

Sujata did all the honours right from the Nedha descent to the Choor Darwaza rock steps descent to the slippery descent ! It must have taken me 10-15 mminutes to get her down 30 centimenters. Se did not want to turn around and get down the right way (agreed she is sortof a first timer and scared) but just sit on that rock cut and laugh her gutz out every time she got scared! I had to literally pull her leg to the next step down as she laughed uncontrollably! Not just me but all my co-trekkers and every other person in that vicitny enjoyed every bit of her Nedha descent! So much so also for the Choor Darwaza descent where she managed to block a huge traffic of locals ! :)

Anjali was next in line! She seemed confident but just as soon as I made my assumption she said "Nahiii... mujh se nahi hoga..." Then again we got all over into the ordeal ...!!!

Well but all in all after the slips and drips and falls and yes the LAUGHSSS we were back at the base by about 7:15 pm and left at around 8:30pm. Paresh was the first to reach down.. (I never knew natures call and determination can make a person run down a mountain at throteling speeds right into a door with the hole!)

Well whatever I bet Shivaji Maharaj would be the happiest off all ghosts looking down and smiling at us (and maybe many more like trekkers) and having the time of his post-life laughing his gutz out!

Check out the snaps :
Vindys Cam
Ajays Cam
Shilpas Cam



Blogger Aniket Anikhindi said...

Hmm.. So you seem to be the Rajgad lover eh? Next time try Rajgad - Torna. Lets see if I can join.

And don't say ghost of Shivaji Maharaj man.. :) It sounds funny somehow!

8:49 PM  
Blogger vindy said...

Sure will ask u... but u mustve been stressed after Kalsubai... I know about that expression.. but its a casual - supposidly funny writeup :) So the ghost who fought sounds good :)

8:57 PM  

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