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Monday, March 13, 2006

Tahmini weekend

Saturday went sluggish ending the day after office and reading at about 2 am.

10am : Call from Ajay : "oye utthh ja yaaar..."
Me: "hmmm..."
Ajay:"Oye utth jaa yaaar..."
Me : "hmmm...."
Ajay "hmmm.... utha jaa yaaar...."
And after some 10 -15 repetations of the same I sleep off again. Basicaly Ajay called me to plan out something for the day something like just simply rest and relax yapping out at some place.

~11am: In my dream: "Oye utth jaaa yaaar...."

I am up and wide-eyed awake, What the! So ok I was all fresh and done by around 1 in the afternoon. Ajay calls me again to plan out something so I said ok and decide to include Andya and Nilu in the deal as well.

So by around 4pm we (Andya Nilu and me) after a loong delay and frustrating SMS's from D (Ajay) we pick him and are off on a drive past Chandani Chowk towards Mulshi.

Driving by we went by a little road that held memories for D n me - An over 80 year old Mr. Marotrao Hagawne 's farm and his cool attitude! We met him on a drive once...

Anyways... the little road -which was under construction at many parts, went by the road bends past Piranguut and other villages and facing heavy traffic jams and following slow 'L' board vehicles at other junctures.

In no time the view opened up and we were crusing along side the back waters of Mulshi with the dam left behind and the Mulshi gaon coming up ahead. From here on at almost regular intervals we would stop the vehicle for clicky monets or just get off for the heck of it to experience the amazing atmosphere and the surrounding area.

Nilu was insistant that we keep driving into the forest ahead -so that we can achieve our basic task of sitting on some kattha and yap a lot!

Ok so Nilu decided to drive and I was enjoying all that others were whilst I was driving :-) (U see at high speeds -which I most of the times am at- one cannot obsorb the surroundings in totality). But again the regular stopages continued with clicky moments, so again switching roles me drove at break-a-neck speeds towards a spot next to a huge pipe.

Just before this we took a brief halt were in the view of the valley was simply superb! Many vehicles came to a halt here and were enjoying the awsome surrounding and the gorgeous deep valley below!

Nilesh was like almost insisitant that we go till this pipe spot. Well so we parked on the turf along the road. From here started the relaxed adventure :-)

We climbed down a set of worn off steps, past a railing on the other side of the road, that went down over the pipe. Here we stood on the huge cylinder and viewed the fantabulous valley and the amazing mountains and the rugged terrain all around us.

The most surprising thing was that even in this summer time the ghat and mountains were very much green. Well so after some TP here we decided to step off the huge pipe. (These pipes by the way supply water all the way from Mulshi to the Konkan (Raigad district) ).

Back on the road, Ajay started droping some raw-mangoes(kairis) off a tree. Later we saw this rock face types along side the road and decided to climb that. So every one except Andya tried fruitless atempts to get up. Basically no one was really that enthu of geting up -well we were here, had nothing special to do so lets get special, or so we thought.

Post this we relaxed along a kattha on the road and werelater politely asked to leave by on of the
forest rangers(security guard - since this area was the private property for TATA). The ranger was a simple nice, kind, cool Rajasthani guy, and was a buddy to talk to. So we yapped a little with him before bidding our good byes.

It was about 7pm by the time we left from here.

The drive back was cool... we drove past the same roads and finally reached this dhabba (Riverview hotel) that Nilu always kept apraising in his talks. The place was coool... it had a very quaint enterance and a littel hut raised up some 15 feet above the ground(basically a machaan). So we sat there and relished on amazing bhajjis,pohe and tea (2 rounds of tea infact).

It was almost past 8:30 pm by the time we departed from here.

In no time we were back in the hustle bustle of the city, leaving back the serene oxygen filled untouched (almost) env behind.

It was an amazing drive- basically pretty much an impulsive descision. U see driving from Pune to the Raigad district and back (over 170kms) just for the heck of it in 6 hrs :-) . So I tried to wrap up my trip in a few words to some of my friends in a mail, it went something like this:

It was an out-of-the-blue amazing drive and TP down the serine ghats of Mulshi and Tahmani along side the back waters and the shade laden green curvy roads of the deep valley mountain roads!

<> So much said in a few words... words cant express the TP.. the photography... the huge water pipe walks.. the floppy rock climbs .. making new Rajasthani friends.. Eating in the machaan.. and a fatanbulous ride and shierks on the way back!

Njoy the snaps .



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