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Thursday, March 16, 2006


It was mid-week (15th March '06) and that was the day of Holi, festival of colors. As a kid I use to play this and another called Rang-Panchami with a lot of enthusiasm.

But now I work and my employer-MNC company does not give us a holiday for Holi-Day, but we do have one off on 14th friday for Good friday !!!! (But seriously I would have found 15th Wednesday much better as a holiday).

Anyways I got off from home at around 11:30 for work (geared in some extra clothes etc. .. u know just in case). The roads were empty and the trafic was very much sluggish (So was I ). Surprisingly the office parking too was empty with ample parking slots even at this late hour! I was really bored to the fact that I had to work on such a colourful holiday! Especially after noticing colored youngsters playing the festival in all delight and high spirits.

Up I came to office. In no less that 30 mins , an office boy came to the cube -all coloured and wet and applied some gullal on my face - so did I to him. He did this for everyone on the floor! After this none in our group were in the mood of work. So up we went for an early lunch at about 12:45.

The 5th floor where the lunch area is, was all wet and and the floor was cloured. Everyone in the admin (receptionists -office boys collegues ) were all wet and colored. Now that got in more juice to the fact that we would eat soon and play holi at the earliest.

Soon we saw others come into the cafeteria a little colored and all.

Back in the cubicle post lunch we were waiting for evening and get off ASAP. But to our bad omen the manager came down and started geting work-related-updates from us individually. So this slogged on till about 6 in the evening!

Afer that no one was in a mood to wait at all! Biraj kept throwing the yellow powder in the cubes it self. I tried contacting Rahul so that we could ride off to Aundh annex and play holi there- but he was in office. We thought we'd play holi at BMC but AJD(who works there) chikkened off.

So by now, every one was partly colored in office and we (Avik/Biraja/Sheetal/Shirish and me) decided to get down to the garden parcking area and play some Holi.

No sooner did we approch that area we started the ordeal- clouring each others faces- thrusting the powder inside the shirts . And colouring everyones faces. It was a dry holi. Initially it was like just a formality going on -that lasted only 5 secs hehehehehe- , then started the 'raanti-giri' (hooligan) holi.

We played there -Naala side Garden parking- for nearly 20 mins. Even the security guards envyed us and so did the locals kids in the near vicinity.

Post this after all of the office gifted color packets were empty, we decided to click some amazing snaps in the mobile-cam and have tea.

By this time we were teribaly coloured! WE really enjoyed the ordeal- Yellow- Blue- Green- Orange- Pink- Red - wowow - it was an amazing 20 mins(it simply fizzed off the whole days boredum in a jiffy).

At the tea stall we had tea followed by lassi. And our voices were loud, ppl at the shop though we were drunk or something. We cared less :-P.

Back at office, everyone was happy to see us in this new colorful old-odd attire :-D. The security guards and the office boyz kept smiling at us. Yes it was a good way to celebrate holi on a working day!

Back home mom dad grandma were all stunned tooking at my tri-coloured face. Mom was gross of the fact that I played color in good clothes and the extra set of holi-clothes made no sense! Well it was a holi day, so to calm them off .. I applied some color to mom 'n dad as well :-)

It took some 1/2 hours hot water scrubbing shower bath to get some color off my skin!

I enjoyed the day.

Checkout the Pics!



Blogger Aniket Anikhindi said...

Boy how I wish I was in Mayfair.. We did have a small Holi session here in ITP, but reading what you guys did, it negates down to nothingness..

Enjoy mann, keep the spirit alive!

3:41 PM  

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