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Meet me - know me - read my posts and try to figure me! Well I am someone who is always thirsty for adventure, someone who simply hates playing sheep(u know the types - follow the herd!). An enthusiastic trekker, who loves to travel and ever ready for one of those wierd new found sports- luv to make new friends and njoy being my family's pet :)!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I once happened to browse the past trekking albums of VxTrek and came across this stupendous pic. from the "Boratyachi Naal" trek. I was awestruck looking at the degree of steepness and difficulty that was involved in that one pic. The pic. displayed concentration, alertness and definitely the zest that many call irrational moves (and others like me call cool,must-do etc etc.) I did talk to most involved in that trek. Addy was being modest -"Its not that steep and difficult as it appears in that pic. you see, remember "Naalichi Waat" trek- its similar to that". Anpy had a similar modest answer. Gondhya said the trek was great and fantastic and he had all rights to be elated- the pic was taken by him. All shared a common thought "When descending that Naal- it simply does not end, you get tired getting down man!".

Its since that day, I always wanted to do this trek and more so a trek called "RajMargh" which spans all the way from Sinhagad to Raigad covering RajGad, Torana, BoratyachiNaal and LinganaMachi and supposedly lasts for roughly five days.

In the snap from left to right -Anpy-Sanjay-Addy
Put in Gondhya's own words "Chakke Godgiri keli re amhi!"


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My first flat...

It took ~19K kms... it took ~eight years... it took a slumber of ~three or more years... it took , umm lemme see one.. two.. ~four minor and one recent major fumble... it took me visiting some six countries... it took in loads of dust and rust... it took 6 months in my bedroom :)... it took lots of rubble, stones, extremely rough terrain to some of the best tarmac around...

It finally happened... I was obedient behind the STOP line in RED at Jahangir Chowk rushing for a meeting... Green got me thrusting the throttle to its max and in no time to an idle. The bike was wobbling.. I experienced this many-a-times on 4 wheels. I knew its time had come... I knew I finally did it... I should have felt remorse... I should have felt bad ... I should have felt guilty ... I had to be angry over missing the meeting... I smiled.. I shook my head, got the visor off... I giggled... I laughed. Oh the elation.. oh the triump.. oh the feeling of fulfillment...

The puzzled rickshaw fellow said he did not know where the shop I was looking for was... the other rickshaw guy said, I need to get back to the signal for a shop there.

I did walk with my steed. It shone under the sun, it wanted the mild push ... killed the engine decided to thrust it on. Sure it had never experienced this before. It had a flat. the rear tyre had gone flat. The first time in eight years .. my CBZ faced its flat! I was happy and took pride of the situation :)

The mechanic soon arrived and fixed 8 punctures. I decided to pay him for the punctures instead of getting a new tube.. I wanted my bike -stock :). Saw the company bus zip by, imagined my colleagues laughing out loud at me. In about 1/2 hour the bike was back in shape , congratulated the mechanic for a job well done (he did say the tube was of good quality, and infact was a good guy himself!).

Rode back to office humming the songs from Rock on!!..

Meri laundry ka ek bill... Ek aadhi padi novel…
ta naa naa naa naa.. ta na naa naa