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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blending Away

Since I was a kid, there was something about art that always fascinated me, was good at drawing/sketching craft etc. Later on I loved computer games at my aunt's house and always fancied me being a developer for one of those games. Time zipped by and in college days was always in love with Computer graphics and loved the 3D aspect of things. As fate had it I ended up working on Financial/Trading products and eventually on database related concepts.
The Graphics aspect never quit, I still continued playing games and kept sketching did some graphics programing and also got pretty comfortable with Adobe Photoshop, and then I stumbled upon Blender . I never really was a big fan of modeling 3 dimensional objects using tools since I believed anything could be created from code. But a few trials did convince me of the power this simple open source platform packed. As days went by I was regular at learning the various concepts of 3d art development and 3d in general and getting accustomed to the terms from the graphics industry. Having a PS3 at home and being an avid gamer got me more interested in the realism infused into the gaming world.

As time went by I was getting more and more comfortable developing such models- still life that is. BlenderGuru was one of my regular hunt spots and I would spend hours over the tutorials mimicking the same.

My aim, though, is to create natural human/life figures and get them animated in a realistic sequence. This would possibly take a long time to conceive.

For the time being enjoy a couple of renders I could manage from this fantastic software.

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Blogger Aj said...

Jeo Vindya!

Wo tunnel aur track tune implment kiya kya? So realistic - Simply Amazing!

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Sandy said...


Awesome. I see a dhaga in first rendering; ghewu ka? :)

12:20 AM  
Blogger vindy said...

thanks guyz... @Aj yup implement kiya lekin step by step blenderguru se seekha @Sandya .. gheun taak

12:36 AM  

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