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Friday, March 05, 2010

Heavy Rain Demo

Heavy Rain was one of the most anticipated games since Uncharted2. Ravi spoke a lot about this game, Srib too was pretty exited to play that. Thus following the Playstation blogs etc finally the demo was launched mid of Feb. The demo took endless to download ~2 weeks with ~2hrs a day. 1.8GB does not come fast.

So eventually the download completed, ready to be played... how was it . Wonderful. Controls were cool, and it felt different from other games, not the usual point and shoot. It was more of an interrogative game, where you build conversations and piece up on evidence. Graphics were top notch... the low contrast played well for the reality factor.(It was too short though)

What I hated about the demo(Spoiler!): It reveals the murderer. At a crime scene you discover pollen and the other part of the demo shows one of the protagonist having heavy asthma... easy MATH.. hate it when such spoilers are loaded by the creators(Quantic Dream in this case)!
I really do'nt know if I'd buy this game now that I know who did it.

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