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Thursday, October 01, 2009


Playing games was always my kinda thing. Back in school days I had this handheld video game (it was called dog something), my brother had gifted that to me from Singapore... later in college days bought an Atari TV console. It was simple but addictive, all friends would crash land @home and we would spend hours playing various games. Eventually I was into engineering armed with a computer, and in came computer games. It all started with a game called Hocus Pocus. Later it was Wolfenstien 3d and various other games.

My aunt in Mumbai had a PC since I was in 3rd(an intel 286!) , so had already played some classics like CAT, Packman etc. As years went by, realized the fundamentals behind 3D and game programming. Better processors and optimizations were the norm and Michael Abrash was sorta my God those days :).

Anyways so as time went by got myself a job, and yes the PC upgraded from monochrome to color and eventually over a span of 8 years to better processors and higher speeds. Games like cat, hocus pocus seemed a letdown (graphically ...) in front of likes of Grand Theft Auto 3 etc...

I was still a gamer :).

Xbox 360, Wii and the Playstation series were rising into prominence over the last few years. I always wanted me one of these better (read high end) consoles for gaming. Soon I got married but still had this zest for console/computer games.

Then on 20th September 2009 -it happened. Wify dear gifted me an 80GB Playstation 3 with two Dualshock 3 controllers and two free cult classic games: Uncharted-Drakes fortune and Gran Turismo 5 prologue. It was a wonderful birthday gift. Both these games I loved and would only dream/imagine myself playing hem. Now it is reality.

Barely two weeks since I got this, I'm already done with Uncharted and am in the process of training my folks to ride virtual cars :D.

The PS3 does a lot, it plays a plethora of video file formats , displays images, plays music and also connects to teh internet. And as though that's not it - one can also install Linux onto the PS3!!! Wow! ... err.. it also plays games btw. :)

I always wanted to connect my old computer to the TV so that we could watch various movies and photos off the PC, but now with the PS3- just connect with an external HDD and off you go!

The gaming doors have reopened!

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