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Monday, December 10, 2007

Phot-y drive

I got bored, really really bored siting at home doing nothing. Then it struck me, Razik said he was planning on a photography weekend last week. So I thought why not just call him up for a ride down somewhere to click some snaps.

Called him up and he was all ready to come down. The time was ~4pm when he reached my place, I was having Talzai(behind Parvati hills) in my mind for some simple shots but then when I mentioned Kanifnath to him, we stuck to the Kanifnath plan. Soon we rode ourselves out of Kondhawa and were ascending Bhopdev ghat. We went by bike (Razik's Bajaj Platina). We stopped halfway up the ghat and decided to take a detour and walk down to the extended plateau off the ghat road. So we walked down the now-burnt black and brown terrain till the edge of the plateau. Once we go tnear the rocks decided to start clicking some free snaps. A couple of eagles made up for the non-photographic moments .

Soon we started noticing things to frame : little flowers, butterflies the distant wierd dusk, the stone mine below etc etc. I guess its part of photography that you make the best of what you get. :). Soon I started educating Razik on a few tricks of photography and gave him some very basics of how one can play with the Manual mode in the camera .

Post some snaps we decided to dash down to the distant Kanifnath hill before Sunset. In a bid to reach there fast I took the frontseat and went down the raw roads at a steady 60kmph. Soon we neared the bifurcaton on the road that leads to Kanifnath. Here we saw the huge red ball in a distance behind the distant hills making for a perfect moment to capture. So took some snaps here and of the road entrance to the temple. Soon we drove down and then up hill to Kanifnath (1st gear rules!).

Once there we climbed the steps and took a stroll around the cool quiet and gusty surroundings of the temple. The evening prayers were on and the breze sang nothing more than what came off the loudspeakers and then the occational gusts of cool dust. Soon the photography session resumed and Razik took as many as he could before the light went from dusk to dark. Here I taught him a few more low light photography tricks.

The Evening Arti started and we decided to make a move as it was geting darker and much cooler. Down the fleet of steps we sat at a shop and had one of the best misals one can get in all of anywhere! followed by a cup of hot kadak tea. It was sumptious! Sooon we decided to call it quits and drove down off Kanifnath road off Bhopdev ghat talking about all sorts of things from village life to city chores to what not as we landed in the hustle bustle of the city.

Here we took a halt at one computer store, but did not get what we wanted so we left with a broken helment visor back home. Used a lot of enguinity to get the visor back in shape. It was ~8:30pm by the time Razik left.

The day was full of fun!

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