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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ride to Chikhaldara

As of 21st December we had been on a bike ride to Chikhaldara and back. Enroute we took a halt at the Lonar crater. The primary destination was the jungle and hill station at Chikhaldara and it was magnificent. This time around DaRomans rode in more style - we got ourselves a T-shirt printed, the design was so good it attracted cops. Have you ever heard of riding some 90kms just to fill petrol- yeah we did that! Lived in one of the worst hotels one could think of for the last day, one would go on to say staying under the sky would have been a better idea!
Nonetheless the ride was wonderful and eventful, sure we had a few slips and some fell sick on and off the ride but all was well and the ride went fantabulously well, 'cause "When in da Rome do da Romans" This ride was different from the previous ones, in the sense we took the interior route of Maharashtra- towards the central parts, the weather was one of the most striking differences we noticed.

The descriptions might be lengthy so make sure u get hold of a cup of tea as you scan through the pages....Day1: Pune-Lonar (383kms)
Day2: Lonar-Chikhaldara (305.9kms)
Day3: Chikhaldara (132.5kms)
Day4: Chikhaldara-Sillod (310.6kms)
Day5: Sillod-Pune (309.3kms)

This is the post by Nachiket and
this is what Amit had to say about the ride!

These are the snaps from my cam while
these are from Mandar's cam.

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