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Monday, November 13, 2006

Tshirt saga :)

T-shirt designing, is not a tough task if the following are in place,
  1. The logo.
  2. The t-shirt style.
  3. The shop where you want to get the job done.

We as a group in office were going through stagnant tormented waters, having the same things to do over and over again and a sluggish manager. Raghu came on a visit and informed that our group had completed 10 years of existence, and that he US counterparts had designed a t-shirt for them-selves.

Well I was kicking in good with Adobe, so decided to spread the mail and start off on a logo. Everyone accepted the idea and we opted for a sweatshirt with a half zip and a hood (sure the entire hood and zip thing went through a lot of controversy :)).

So what do I design, I got the initial impetus of a rubber stamp style with a circle and a rectangle running across it with some thing within. Also we planned in on using part of the Logo designed by the US folks.

Well this what I started off with


and finally through a set of transformations and designing went through this cycle for the final result!

Front Logo transforms:

Back Logo Transforms:

I must say it was great fun designing this whole thing! The lower triangle graphic was the one we adapted from the original design and decided to keep it on the front chest pocket, as for the above graphic it was to go back.

So now the design was in place, we needed to find a shop to get these sweatshirts and print the design. The obvious choice was “Champion Sports”. So one day, Amol’s Birthday, we stopped by at Champions to make the purchase and discuss about printing the logo.

Soon we learnt, there existed 3 ways of printing a logo: Screen Print, Transfer Print or Embroidery. Taking a quick look at the example prints we decided on Screen-printing, as that was the safest and most durable method.

The owner, on inspection of our designs, said that it would not be possible to print the logo as it contained overlapping colors etc etc. and said that we might have redo some portions of the design.

Well we did not want to do that, so we decided on ditching Champion Sports start making a search for other such dealers, soon Nachiket got hold of one Mr. Kulkarni who does screen-printing at Parvati Gaon. So we paid him a visit, and showed him the graphic. According to him everything was ok.

Using his referral we got hold of another shop that stitches t-shirts/sweatshirts etc. So went on to meet a one Mr. Sanas near Alka Theater next to a Cow Shed. Avik, Amol, Piyush, Nachiket and myself were there to make a choice for the sweatshirt. It did not take us long to finalize on a design and get to the conclusion that we needed bigger sizes (I had to take a XXXL!!!).

The orders were given and the cost came to about 560/- for the printing and 270/- per sweatshirt. It turned out to be a good deal. The delivery was to be made by roughly 7th November.

Well, the printing guy took some time and so the printing was done on 6th when we collected the same. It looked good on the cut outs of the front can back of the shirt. (Somehow I thought the size was small). But Sansas- when we delivered the same to him for the final stitch- said it was ok, since the hood and the remaining stitches would take up space. So Nachiket and me left the shop, when he said that that we’d be getting the sweat shirts by Monday evening(13th).

To our surprise everything was done by 11th and I collected the same on 12th. The shirts looked good, everyone back home liked ‘em and so did everyone at office!

It was a job well done!