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Meet me - know me - read my posts and try to figure me! Well I am someone who is always thirsty for adventure, someone who simply hates playing sheep(u know the types - follow the herd!). An enthusiastic trekker, who loves to travel and ever ready for one of those wierd new found sports- luv to make new friends and njoy being my family's pet :)!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Offsite to get on ...

"blah... blah... blah... we have the offsite on 26th March at Wonder Funky at 9:30AM sharp! thats tomorrow.... " The first instinctive reaction was "Naiii yaaar ... what the heck ...". "Tu waise bhi office mein baith kar karega kya ... yahan bore hone ke bajay wahan bore ja.." said Nash. "Tum log aoge to mein aunga... akela intni duur jane mein bore hoga" said the one fat eyed Piyush. "Challo yaar... jate hain mast time pass hoga" said the exited Mandar.

The day was cloudy as the roads were not too crowded as I made my way in two minds along Sinhagad road. Mandar said the place was good and was playing some video games there. I still did not know what to do? Should I goto the place or should I simply ride straight down Panshet-RaJagad-SataraRoad-Pune(nice ride man!!). Took the turn that ascended the to the Highway leading towards Chandani Chowk. My bike decided I need to be with my team mates. I mean Maneesh really did want all of us to be there, and truly I felt bad on the thought of my though of not going there. :-)

Soon along the flat tarmac I neared Chandani Chowk and saw this arch-ed huge building to the left of the Highway - "Wonder Funky". Collecting my entry swipe card made my way in and down to the bowling alley. Over 20 people out there were yelling and jumping for joy as they and other yanked the ball down the lanes (I mean it hardly mattered how good or bad the throws were- except the ones with better points won gift vouchers). I was at lane 3 and quickly got my self introduced(un-consciously) with others at the lane.

Bowling was fun, I mean if knocking 12 sticks with a fat ball got people giggling and chilled down (also getting to know many of the unknown folks)- then it ought to be fun :-).

The dungeon was next on the charts. Shrieking and shouting and laughing like devils I guess we scared the plaster ghosts in that dungeon walk. The simulator ride too was cool. Soon we started playing games at the video-game arcade game section. So I tried my hands at the motorbike and shootout games as others tried their luck with other consoles. 2 games on the single swipe card is too less we realized, but very few shed green for some 2 minutes of joy.

So as we aimlessly strolled around the place, the lunch room hit our sights :-). Soup and a good meal comprised the next hour of getting comfortable with each other and finally aimless strolling around. Many more teamed in by now (timing I must say :-) )

Little group/individual games were next on the charts where we all were fairly(?) divided into 5 groups. A weird Make-Me-A-Mummy game (where in each team dressed one of its members in toilet paper) then a ping-pong showoff (which I won by the way .. ayyyEEEE) followed by a dumb-shards like game then a I-am-a-politician-for-a-minute game eventually a really nice game of ping-pong. NONONO not with a little bat ball but this was a distant relative/rip-off of "pass the ball to the music" game, where in adjacent people say ping then pong and the next adjacent calls the name of some guy in the circle then he/she starts off and the process continues. Anyone to goof up was out. This game really got us to know each others by names (which is really a tough task by-the-way).

Finally the tied for first spot teams played a couple of tiebreakers and Mandar's team lost to come second :). Finally after some tea and TP we headed down to the dance floor from where I left for home at about 6:15.

The plans further was to dance till 7:30 and finally dine and drink at "Banjara". I really was still recovering from the past couple of weeks so was in no mood to dance and drink. Well I managed to "Shriek", "Shout", "Yell", "Laugh like mad", "Cheer on", "talk talk and talk" and last and the most important of it all, get to know all the folks around me - The very motto for this offsite.

Atleast now I know who he/she is when they walk past me or we share a lift or bump into each other. Atleast now I would comfortably give a wide 32-teeth "Hi" to him/her (ok 31 1/2-teeth).

It was a long time since I had been on such outings (I mean the types where you really party along and gel really well with your not-so-common compadres), I had almost forgotten the meaning of it.

The ride back home had me riding down the Bangalore highway for a couple of loops as I witnessed a fatal accident (really a bad way to end the day). Riding back I tried to recollect myself from the sight of the bizzare.

The day was wonderful... the people who organized this, then the "Wonder Funky" place and all the folks I matched my steps along for the day with realy made the clock ticks worthwhile!

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"Kya Vindy... bahut dino se blogging nahi kiya ... koi bahut pahad chad rahe the kya?" or something like "Kya Vindya... koi naya article nahi aya tere site par, shadi kar liya kya!?"

Well these statements really do comfort me. Makes me realize that I do have a whole lot readers out there. Earlier I always felt if the comments were at 0 then no one was interested or did not like the article, well thats not at all true.

I mean once I met my friend's wife and she said she'd read all my articles :-) (well maybe she was being good or she really did read 'em :-D).

Well looks like I'd get off my slumber soon. Many events happened off late and a lot of those were worth blogging.

So till my next post, wait for the next one :-P.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Adobing around

Did not post for a long time so thought of making one of those short little posts where some sort of info is shared. Well so I thought what were the things runing through my mind at present, well for one I do photoshop a lot and yes getting to know about bicycles and possibly one is in my near lists.

Well so sitting around the other day, I dug up one of the photos of a "Trek 3700" bike and one of my own pictures from a previous trek, and converged them -I really loved the result! So here goes to what I did.

The following illustration shows the steps for how I went about achieving to what I wanted to come up with.
Now I took this final result and inserted some text from one of my previous posts and a few more touch-ups here and there and wallah you have 2 pages of a magazine in front of you. (Think of the fold passing through the center of the image). Sure I named the magazine "Indian Cycling Mag" :-).

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