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Friday, April 14, 2006

Woww great ... books!

Well I dont know if it was my extreme frustration at office or was it my whatever towards reading, on my way back home from office (an extremly frustrating day- that led to headaches) I decided to goto Crosswords to buy a box of 800Mb CD-R's.

Once inside, after a mahem fighting through traffic and struggling to get a parking slot near the Saurabh hall lane, I started wandering about the aisle through the numerous books. But the only ones I really stood by were the bestsellers and the top 10 etc. sections.

I just couldnt barge into a book shop and get a pack of CD-R's , I mean that would be so uncool :p. So I started looking at the books, in no time I was engrossed in most of them- later searching for specfic books etc.

Soon , I spotted this "Train to Pakistan -Khushwant Singh". Wasnt too thck -I like the cover. Also the comments read "... one of the classics of modern Indian Fiction...". Well I registed this book in my mind. Wading through the books, came to the CD's section but all in vein (they had a 10 pack of the CD-R's I wanted, but it was 20/- a piece twice as much you get it in ABC!). so I returned back to the books section.

Going through "Sriram's recommendations" section of books I spotted this "Five Point Someone - Chetan Bhagat". This I spotted last time as well, and read some comments saying that it was a real good read. So I picked it off the Best sellers shelf! The same shelf held two more books "One Night @ The Call Centre -Chetan Bhagat" and "Over A Cup Of Coffee - V.N. Kakar". I did not want to buy too many books now that I would be picking "Train To Pakistan " as well. So I chose the latter , to the fact that I had no clue how Chetan wrote and if I got bored at one of the compilations then having two books from his table would spell disaster (It was better to have the novel I knew about :-) ). "Over A Cup Of Coffee " was a collection of short stories ( middles / musings ) by an author who had fame in all newspapers -so a good choice.

Also picked up Khushwant on the way back and got a bill of 390/-.

I was content on my way back. Back home dad was really happy at my Khushwant choice "... 'I had read this book half way in college days ..." he said, so he took the book and completed over 110 pages in 2-3 hours -boy was I impresed at dad's speed! For me I read the middles, then gave it to my mom -who returned it to me in 10 mins saying she was yawning like crazy the moment she opened the pages :-). For me I continued with Chetan Bhagat(5. someone)!

Now I must say-Boy am I impressed at all 3 books ,having completed Five point someone(a must recommendation from me to readers/non-readers alike) and now simultaneously reading Singh's tale off 1947 and Kakar's little stories -his book is essentially a blog :-) .

So, now I feel good at my self: 2 reasons
1. I took a holiday yesterday (13th April), and went by reading books and lazing and playing with the new born pups in our parking lot and completing Chetan's virgin novel and continuing today to read the rest of the books.
2. I am back to reading (concentrative reading) as against The un-concentrative type playing ping pong between general thouhgts and traying to read! I feel like myself some 14 yrs back in school when I use to read the Hard Boys and others with emmense glee!



Blogger Aniket Anikhindi said...

btw, just to let you know, I managed to secure a copy of "The Climb". after giving up the useless stores in Pune, I finally ordered it from

I"ll let you know when I"m done with it :)

2:26 AM  
Blogger Prashant Varma said...

Boy, u r having the time of ur life. Reading, travelling and all that. I wish I had time to read! I have seen the movie version of 'Train to Pakistan'. It was a good love story. I'm sure the book must be better.
U mentioned these were the top 10 sellers. No foreign authors in them?

1:17 AM  
Blogger vindy said...

I dunno abt the love story funda ... its more of a drama awakening and types... the love story part in that is hardly a few mins (as in the book ).

2:56 PM  

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