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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Viva La Truck da driver!

Yesterday (11th April) on my way to office, it was the usual traffic- but somewhat less on account of 'Id' and 'Mahavir Jayanti'. So I drove past deccan past Apte road past Simla office past the Sangam bridge, I was on BP road.

I used to like this road since it was remade and now has road dividers. But the road dividers now are so troublesome that to get to ofice I have to drive past MayFair towers 1 km and U turn another kilometer just to get in.

So now you understand my plight, fruitless to drive those 2 kms. What makes it worse are the trucks busses and slow driving L-board cars! Everytime 2 fat vehicles of the same speed try to overtake each other -thus leaving no room for other faster tailenders.

On this day, I was driving behind a truck. I was cursing myself for doing so. More-so-even when I noticed a PMT bus was leaving its bus stop and would be driving (competing) along side (left) the truck, which I could have eaily overtaken- had it not been for the bus!

The truck drivers somehow seem to have more brains than local bus drivers. They tend to give way for tailending speeding vehicles with not much hassles.

So now the bus started giving enough competion to the truck to overtake from the left and make its way ahead. The "broad" section of that patch of road was enough just for 2 such fat vehicles. The speed was ~30. The bus was almost geting head-on with the truck, and that too speeding at low gear giving that irritating loud noise even through my car windows were closed! I was frusturated cursing myself!

Thats when it struck me the truck wanted to go on the left side of the road as well, then the road patch widened and this truck started going left thus inching closer to the bus- leaving the bus no choice but to keep geting pushed to the left. That gave me enough- rather more than enough road to go ahead and that too without having to blare the horn or break any rules!

Thats when I realised the truck driver possibly got irritated on the bus junkie and possibly in the process gave a soft corner for the little blue car behind moving from the left to the righ trear view mirror.

I was more than happy when my 'U' turn arrived, I turned around vaguely noted the truck number and gave a smile hoping the driver received my appreciation. The truck and bus sped ahead at the same speeds neck to neck- that was till I could sight 'em in my rear view mirror.

A small incident- but that gave me my right start for the day- A nice content hearty smile on my face!



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