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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rang de... ohhh not again!!!!

Yesss! As I said in my previous articles, I loved this movie. I dont care why some hated it or why others became critics for the same.

For me a movie, is a movie. Live in the celluloid for the time its shown- smile cry get angry whatever for the time its supposed to prevail. I hate to be a movie critic (definately if the movie is a big bogus, then yeah I would land center stage and voice my guts out to the world!).

On 9th April, as I was surfing the channels, I saw this news channel say that the RDB DVD would be out on 11th April. I was all smiles. This was a must have movie for me right from the time I had seen it for the first time. Now I could not wait for 11th to come though it was just a couple of days away. It felt like my little self -waiting for the next twinkle comic that would come out on stalls the next day!!! Felt real good to be loking forward to something :) :-P.

Well so it was 11th today, promised my mom would show her the movie on DVD -since I would be buying the same. Back in office, work hi-jacked my brains and I was all nuts over work for the rest of it. Well as I was assigning a date to my work area, I (re)realised today was 11th! So I started browsing websites to get all sorts of information on the DVD (dunno why, since it was not going to help in any case- all I kew was that the DVD was for sale on many website for quiet some time now for ~499/-).

Well so evening came, wraped up work, closed my shop. After some TP with my collegues, I drove down to the Deccan Crosswords to buy my own fresh copy. It was there under the Bestseller DVD (hmm.. how can it be the best seller- it was released just today!? International standars. maybe).

Back home watched RDB with mom dad grandma. It was fun to see all of them engrossed in the movie right from beginning to end. Grandma slept off mid way though. Dad loved and went in splits at all of the comical shots and dialogs. Suprisingly mom too stayed awake till 12:30am to watch the movie -glued to her seat and the TV . Once the movie got over she rushed to bed saying that she had to getup at 5am :-).

Well I continued watching the extras provided in the DVD, saw all the sections- deleted scenes, trailors, songs, directors commentry, english soundtrack, localised track etc etc. Dad came out now and then and watch some deleted scenes with me. Was fun.

I was glued to my seat as well right from start to finish - 3 reasons for this:
1. I loved the movie :-)
2. I loved the DVD :-)
3. I loved to watch my parents enjoy the movie :-)

Well for all those who are wondering, this DVD is not for sharing- go grab your own copy! I would not be making any copies of this, or be lending it to anyone at this point in time :-).



Blogger Aniket Anikhindi said...

you contradicted yourself, did you not? at the outset, you began saying the movie for you is a movie only as long as it runs, after that the matter ends.

here you are all talking about a movie even after it was over, and singing praises about it, voicing your opinion, wondering why others thought of it in a different way (and that is because you would want everyone to look at the movie from your standpoint).

2:21 AM  
Blogger vindy said...

Agreed sir- I dont voiec out all the words in a single write up. For me Its a one time write and a single quick edit. My appologies

4:23 PM  

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