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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Timid Monster...

This happened a couple of years back, but is an incident to be shared:
21st June 2004

Well it happened today morning, I was going to this SP college post office to collect a Speed Post. So parked my Car near that SP canteen and walked to the PO. There they said that since the pacel was a Speed Post, I had to collect it from City Post. Oh well .. or so I thought .. and made my way to the gate.

On the exit this was the scene, the roads were wet I was wearing a red shirt with a black Jacket over it, the one with the white lining.. yeah, unzipped. And a dark blue jeans and brown shoes!:) Right hand side of the gate ,on the outside , was a parked rickshaw with very little spce between the parked vehicle and the PO fencing. To left -it was empty and leading towards Tilak Smarak Mandir. Now ... welll now.. right in fornt of me was this Calf (Cow's child.. Gaay ka bachada) ,well I guess for its height it was a grown up kid, teenager eh?! Even its horns were not out as yet , they were bearly sprouting .It seemed timid and in a mischievious mood, now how did I sense that?... I donno!

So I start walking out of the gate ,realizing all this .. I slow my pace and stop out side the gate facing this four legged freako! So our eyes meet, and I sense a competition. This was ..a little like those Wild Wild West movies where the cowboys face each other on a duel! (Start the Mechanas gold, Good-Bad-Ugly western music in the background:)). The weather was cold,it had just rained ,and the noise of the trafic took a stride!

Well with all this goin on, and a cautious sence of trauma deep within I decide to take my fist step. So I lift my right foot and advance it ahed... as I did that , the silly calf gave a snort with no noise, u know like when you blow your nose and its all clean and has nothing left to bugle.. it just goes "phuuuussssssss...", as it did this it swayed its bony head in a top down direction.. our eyes were still in contact.. This got me a little amused with a hint of fear. Now what did this .. THING.. see in me - was it my red shirt or ... was it Meee??... I donno .. I never lost a comrade in a KUMBH ka MELA..:). Now I had my right foot ahed ,decided to get the left one ahed too.. So I did that. At this the calf thought it was a bull , it thrust itself a little backwards to get its hind legs down bent and spread out its forelimbs away from each other and again gave a voracious sway of the head ,only this time with the entire spine and a much louder.. SNUUFFFFFFf..f.f.... Now I knew this KID was not to play any games, and if it was in the mood I was not the one who wanted to be his compandre- I was out of size for this freako!

By this time quiet a few people had gathered back on the road, behind the rickshaw, witnessing all this -comical- commotion! Now as the BULL thrust its head down, we lost the eye contact!!! So I backed off just as instataniously and sqeesed my self from behing the rickshaw towards the crowd there. One guy in a black jacket saw me do this ,I gave him a smile .. he showed me his teeth!!! -"Hey buddy get in there and try standing out off guard in front of that TIMID MONSTER!!!" ,now this ran through my head!

As I walked off the alley towads the main road-Tilak Road- I realised the calf seemed pretty proud of having me out of the way, kept giving that swaying action with snorts that got me out! Then it stopped and waited for its next victim! :) I just wanted to wait and see the jacket guy get into that alley, he wanted to get in there- and probabbly to the post office!! hahha.. well alas I was geting late for office and had to dash back to my vehicle!!

Well had I been a little more adventerous, I would have been in a hospital by now with dents all over myself ..haha.. thank god I slept late yesterday night and was in a weary mood, which kept me off such normal undertakings!

Now I am in one piece. I did recite this tale to Utpal in the morning, to which he said, after some laughs, "Yeh sab tere saath hi kyon hota hai yaar!!!??" .. .

"Well patta nahi..." :)

-Vindy (V for Adventure/Accident)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Timid Monster... too gooood....
The lazy day yaaaaaaawn was not so bad either...but comparatively, TM was good as it had a sense of suspense!!!

2:46 PM  

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