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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Finally in Production!

I first saw Yogesh some 5.5 years back in ASC (now Sungard) when he was done with his interview with Abhay and was waiting (all this when we were in the office that existed on Prabhat road). Eventually he joined the company and is my buddy ever since. The one thing about the guy is his laughter and wierd sounds that only he is capable of producing. Eventually after about 2 years he quit but by then we had formed this elite groups of frustrated ASC'ians, the 2 of us were part and parcel of that.

One day I quit, then he joined where I still am- he is on a new venture now. Everytime on any outings or general TP stuff, he would never undertake any major risks (well I guess he overdid most of the times :-D, sorry Yog :-P). Things like -he did would not take up steep climbs on treks, or would never sit in the front seat when I drive at knuckle brain breakaneck speeds etc. etc.. The one dialog that he would deliver at such ocations were like -"Arrey dada... insurence use nahi karneka hai mera... Production mein bhi janeka hai!". Simply put -what that meant was he did not want to take risks before geting married. Basically he was hell bent on geting married (sure that led to linking him-up with quiet a few unknowns :-) ... but all of them were part of the teases).

Ok so much said about him. His dream has come true... as it stands now, he is married :-), and wayyy I mean wwwwaaaaaayyyy too happpy about it! His marriage was in Bangalore, non of us buddies could go there on a weekday to attend the marriage(12th May '06) :-(, he felt bad about it- but truly speaking nothing could be done. Anyways we went for his reception(14th May '06)- it was held in in Guruwaar Peth (Avik mis-read it as Gurdwaara Peth ... says he- "Arrey haan wo jo hai .. na pata hai re... wahan kahi to ek Gurudwaara dheka tha" I was in splits). The reception was simple and a job well done! The non-Puneiets had a great time exploring the Peth area (heart of Pune) and some of us enjoyed an amazing walk back home.

Yog (as we all call him) was clad in a dhoti and kurta ans was all smiles with his new found soul-mate. Yes now hot lips sure can get into PRODUCTION!!! (Whats hot-lips haan- Yog has a bad allergy with Chana/Rajma masala ends up with red swollen lips for a couple of days -well thats why he keeps his thick 'n big moustache :-D).

Congrats Yog!



Blogger Nikhil K said...

hey vinod .. nice one

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mein Keha praaaaji!!! Well done! Tusssi to ekdam pro ban gaye ho!

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oye vindya ...that's too good !
btw ..i'm lucky to be subject for vindya one of the posts ;)
keep it up ...rocking l...


9:34 PM  

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