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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Walk to Parvati..

The weekend went dead boring with me just siting it out at home doing nothing. Some appointments were canceled and my monsoon sickness made me tug in 3 sets of blankets.

I had to get out of home and take a walk.

Keeping the spirits up and with a temperature and few sneezes left home at about 6 in the evening and with an instinct took a right and decided to hit the Paravati hill top. Having watched Aamir and many other movies over the weekend , the verses kept playing in my ears....

"Aani Jaani Hai Kahani,
Bulbule Si Zindagani
Banthi Kabhi Bigadthi
Tez Hawa Se Ladthi Bidthi
Ha Reham Ha Reham Farmaaye Khuda(2)
Mefuz Har Kadam Karna Eh Khuda Eh Khuda(2)"

The weather was cool, but no traces of rain. The last couple of days were pretty dry. Walked down the small allies of lokmanaya nagar as I came on the road adjoining S.P. college grounds. The roads were crowded this time, soon crossed over at Neelayam chowk past Vikrant cables. Here I noticed a new book store "Pathfinder" next to Ashoka Hotel, so decided to pay it a visit on my way back incase I retraced my steps.

Parvati looked as good as ever. Parvati is a wonderful hill bang in the middle of the city, and I still dont understand why so few people know of it! Such a quaint and lovely place (err.. its been over 3 years since I myself paid it a visit :P). Walked past Neelayam theater which was all empty and it hosted a couple of movies, "Sing Is King" was one of them.

"Saanson Ki Sukhi Door Anooti Jal Jaayegi Jal Jaayegi
Bandh Jo Laaye the Haath Ki Mutti, Khul Jaayegi Khul Jaayegi

Kya Ghumar Karen Kayaa Yeh Ujali Mitti Mein Mil Jaayegi
Chaahe Jithni Shamayein Roshan Kar Le, Roop To Dhal Jaayegi Jaayegi
Ha Reham Ha Reham Farmaaye Khuda(2)
Mefuz Har Kadam Karna Eh Khuda Eh Khuda

I was pretty happy with my steady pace, maybe my walking habits are not that bad afterall. Climbed up the Bridge over the Water Canal and eventually waded my way past a few lazy cows as a couple of people took blessings from the creatures. The helpless policeman simply sat at the side chatting with his colleague :).

They have renovated Paravati- a new arched entrance and some more arches on the top. I was wondering if I can still go up in one shot, I mean its been a long time since I have trekked anyways. So took on the angled slabs of ~300 steps that curved its way to the temple premises atop. Noticed many old folks sitting on benches in the dimming light and some enthusiastic oldies climbing up at a constant pace zig-zagging over the steps so they get to walk more :). These people are true inspiration for the many loosers we have warming their butts in the cosy A/c infested interiors of various organizations. I mean one look at their enthusiasm with wrinkles and pooof you get all charged up to do the exercise(climb in this case) better. I did that ... my pace did not falter its stride, maintained the same speed I did since I left home.

Finally atop, post the final few killer steps (why do the last steps always kill you! ), I was at the temple premises unsurprisingly breathing heavily still not that tired. Stood there and took in the surrounding views - distant houses, rivers, green canopy of the city. The city is still green no two ways about it, but yes.. it is diminishing.

"Sone Chamak Mein, Sikko Kanak Mein Miltha Nahin, Miltha Nahin
Dhool Ke Zaroon Mein, Dhunde Koi Tu Miltha Wahin Miltha Wahin

Kya Majaal Teri Marzi Ke Aage, Bandhon Ki Chal Jaayegi

Taane Ugli Jo Tu Katputhli Ki Chaal Badal Jaayegi Jaayegi
Ha Reham Ha Reham Farmaaye Khuda
Mefuz Har Kadam Karna Eh Khuda Eh Khuda(2)"

Soon made my way through the premises to the backyard of the temple. Unfortunately there is a door now and it was locked. Maybe it was to keep miscreants away from the temple. Who knows. So just stood there took a bit of what I could see around before retracing my steps. The cell network is jammed up here.

The way down was pretty quick and steady. Back down tried to contact Andya, unfortunately his mobile was out of coverage. Retraced my steps via Neelayam and payed the bookstore a visit. The store is like a mini version of Landmark/Crosswords. The walk back was nothing different and was home in no time.

Mom was surprised I was back after climbing Paravati so soon. Hmm.. maybe I am not all that flab after all :)

"Ha Reham Ha Reham… Ha Reham Ha Reham….Ha Reham Ha Reham… (3)"



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