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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Are you crazy!!!

That's a reaction I got from my folks when I said I would be getting a bicycle. Yes I have been on an impulsive high with a few adventure activities off late. Things that used to seemed a far cry for me were not when I got the high pulse. It all started with my trekking endeavors and eventually what seemed jumping off cliffs for me became a reality with me hanging on a midair swing. What seemed like a crazy idea to me transcended to reality when I went on a numb ass circuit from Pune to Gokarna.

Isn't jumping off cliffs and walking off weak ledges enough? I did not know the answer for this, since when in that impulse I was willing to take on anything in that direction.

4 years back, when I joined in this organization I was one of those fun loving outgoing and an all TP guy. Adventure sure was something that stayed with me but never in an expressive manner. I mean I had been on long drives -Car drives- umpteen amount of times. I have been on numerous trips and outings. Never before had I done any sort of treks as in a real trek nor had I done anything that got me close to the levels of endurance I encountered the last few years.

4 years before, I always thought of the adventure "freaks" to be extremely channel/narrow minded and way too prosperous ($$$) to undertake such activities. I never understood nor could easily formulate what made these people do what they did. I mean I sure wanted to get a taste of all those things but simply could not. I was happy and content with what I was doing then.

VxTrek was something that looked different and exposed me to the concept of organized treks. I mean I had trekked before, but not really with the passion of trekking. Soon made a few good friends and we too started embarking on many treks. The passion took me on a high as I got comfortable and understood the few basics for a good trek. The basic do-s and dont-s, that I never thought of before. I did 'accomplish' many good treks and came to realize that its never about the destination, its the path that matters. Trekking not only gave me the high of adventure and endurance but also very much educated me on decision making. Trekking is not simply walk along a path and u are done (sure it is if you do it just for the heck of it). Long treks need planning like which path to take , how to manage food, what are the fallback plans? etc etc. Trekking also introduced me to cope up with individuals on a trek, and when given a chance take important decisions. I really loved (and still do)trekking and when was in the high of it, really most of these things were simply reflexive. The best gift of it all -loss of weight, stay fit, enjoy, smile on your face and feel free :D. (yeah I know this sounds like one of those 5th std/ composition 'trekking' ... )

Paragliding was another activity I started off with, but it really never went to far. I really enjoyed those 7 days at Japaloupe farms and taking off hills. Those few moments in flight were simply for myself and could scan the scene around to get a birds eye view and the wonderful topography the hills, plains, valleys had to offer (and not mention the man made structures - roads, dams, farms etc.). I always wished I had continued with paragliding, and still get goosebumps just thinking of the same. Paragliding was not different than trekking, that is here too I had a lot of decision making to learn. It was not just jump off the cliff and land, you need to understand the aerodynamics of the glider, the air flow-direction-strength, the topogrpahy of the terrain you are flying over etc etc. At the end of 7 days I was very comfortable with the glider and had a lot of fun at the same time! The best part of giving 7 days- I flew the glider solo all the time :)

Bike rides too had caught my fancy. I had been driving the car for a long time and never really understood at that time the need of riding a bike. Driving the car has its own charm, and I shall never ever take that away! I mean try driving the 4 wheels in a crowded street or rip down the open highway at break-a-neck speeds- its fun and has its own highs. But I still wanted to relive the passion of 'balanced riding' :-). So got the bike all done and embarked on one of my best bike rides till date. Again, its not just fun and games riding the bike. A lot of planning, and decisions need to be taken with this as well. Sure I have done just one of those long rides but would love to get on more soon.

So yes these were more or less the new activities I had gotten myself totally engrossed into in the last 4 years. It was not wonder my folks thought "wasn't jumping and running off cliffs enough?" when I asked for the bicycle.

Bicycling I know has its own charm, and highs. Something I wish I could take up soon before it gets too late. Being a forum member (more silent now-a-days) at bikeszone got to know and see many people transform from motorized to non-motorized or atleast keep and option of a non-motorised vehicle. Its just been so long now I have been dreaming, have started to loose interest...

Why all these thoughts now? Well... had to do some reality checks on myself. :-)

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Anonymous Abhi said...

Why losing interest in cycling man? :) Or did you mean, losing interest in all things on the whole?

1:19 PM  
Blogger vindy said...

Ah not really loosing interest as in give up types... I actually meant going through a sluggish phase :D

2:17 PM  
Blogger Raz said...

Hehe..Nice experience..

6:00 PM  
Blogger vindy said...

I just hope this experience continues :)

6:06 PM  

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