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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Marathon Bike Ride Map

My earlier posts described the Bike Ride the 7 of us undertook. This ride lasted from 22nd December '07 till 25th December '07 a total of 4 days.

Day1 had ~520kms covered
Day2 had ~60kms covered
Day3 had ~330kms covered and finally
Day4 finished at ~390kms

So a total of ~1300kms in 4 days. Those days rocked and rocked hard, so much so we are now contemplating another longer and more adventerous ride in the coming months. More on that when we do that, for now check out the route map that lasted ~1300kms
The map would have had a bigger closed polygon had we undertaken the route via Ratnagiri and almost a perfect polygon had we drivin all the way till Mangaon and eventually entered Pune via Tahmini Ghat! (But that would have eaten into another day).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Planning the same this weekend.I did leh twice from pune and last was pune to jammu. I am not much into riding but what others things it offers, as metallica said in, turn the page.

4:35 PM  

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