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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Caps... YEah right what am I talking about now.

Like all do, I had (and still do) transitioning hobbies, you know like the days you liked to collect stamps just because they looked good or one of your friends boasted a lot about some rare stamp his dad had and all.. well yeah something like that I did have a lot to play with. Stamps, Stickers, Leaves, paper cuttings, rags (yeah right...) and many more and then college years hence caps... right Caps.

I caught on to this hobby by accident. I always liked caps- in the school days I loved my fluorescent green with a brown rubber front embossed patch cap, I loved that cap until one day I used to shreds... Then with the release of "Meine Pyaar Kiya " and the likes I loved my black cap with the steel front reading "FRIEND"... until one day I discovered the word was a combination of FRI and END.

True I liked caps .. but then came an era when I actually hated them. You know had this mental thing that I wear a cap and I get a headache or my hair started to scratch all day kind-a-things. So I stopped wearing them, but used to tie 'em up to my jean loops dangling on my left thigh.. or simply hold it in hand.

Then came the days when I realized I was an idiot and so I stopped carrying the cap around and eventually actually stopped buying the same. Then I started to earn some cash and my sis came back to India asking what I wanted from there "Get me the baseball CAP" .. Yeah right - pure instinct I tell you. So a month I kept dreaming about my baseball cap and the it arrived a couple of inches wider that my outer shell. So I harvested some tentacles to get the cap to fit right.
Soon I realized (well now I can reflect back) I am mature and should stop acting like a jerk. So when the CEO thought I was good and had a tall smile he decided to send me to UK. Sure.. so I bought myself a cap amongst the rest and landed at South Sussex. Soon I visited the malls and realise dthe only things that I could really happily afford were discount rated caps.. So I bought 2 one of them was a fisherman cap to which viky said in marathi
"विंडया ने दोन टोप्य घेत्ल्या आणि दुकांदाराने विन्डया ला टोपि लावलि। ".
He was not wrong really.. soon he and another followed suite and we had a cap tower back home.

Paris is the land of love, sure is I did buy a lot of hearts and goodies there and a Da-vinci cap and another green Paris forehead cap. Well Eiffel liked the green better :(. Scotland too had its share of caps to offer -"Cap with hair" wonderful ain't it , sure the blond hair did not match skin tone :P.

I earned up on my cap-points when I returned with a sheik turban and couple of saps from Jordan and typically malay cap a farmers straw cap and a Chinese cap with a huge pony tail from SouthEast asia. Cap with a pony tail -really the cap is made of paper and the pony tail is that of woolen strings ..:))

So now with my collection of all sorts of caps amongst the ones I have not mentioned, I had to dedicate a compartment in my wardrobe for caps :). Sure I lost my fav. fisherman's cap in the mountains but definitely would be adding many more to the existing collection.

Now having spent 7 corporate years of my life this hobby too seems to be coming to an end, I dunno if its good or bad but I am (probabbly) sure I would end up with a new one :D.



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