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Friday, December 15, 2006

Buying a D-SLR...

So there I was clicking numerous shots from using my digital camera a Fujifilm 4900Z. Slowly the cam started to degrade and started giving all sorts of weird ghosts and elements on the images taken. One fine day it died.

So here I am now siting with no cam for over 3 months, and pestering just about anyone who has a digi-cam to take numerous snaps. Well the loss of my cam is so profound that I have already finished enough film roles in my Minolta Point and shoot camera :).

So I was getting desperate day by day and finally decided on purchasing a new digital camera. Obvious questions started blooming in my grey.
Will a simple slick point and shoot digital camera do?
Or do I need to get one of those SLR like digital cameras (like the one I had)?
Or do I need to go the D-SLR way!?

Too many questions and the order is precisely the way in which I went about in finalizing each type of the camera.

Every time I trekked around or went on drives and saw my friends click away with their sleek point and shoot cameras I always envied them for the ease with which they could carry around their gear(just a little tin box really) and still manage to get some beautiful shots. That was when I decided to buy myself such a camera (this thing kept popping in my head for the last few years now).

With a dead camera, I started researching all cameras available. In the process the following websites became my daily aids: dpreview and kenrockwell. In doing so I discovered I had an ocean of cameras to choose from. It was a very tough job.

So I contemplated on how I took pictures. When I bought my cam (in 2001) , it was just with an intent to get a camera which lets me take good pictures. Truly speaking I went to purchase a simple p&s film camera (a pentax maybe, since that was the one I used and liked). In the process I started reviewing digital cameras at many stores and became a pretty regular visitor at Jessops. Soon I saw what an SLR was but decided against the same for the fact that it was pretty big and seemed unreasonable for my use. One day went to Dixons, and started looking at all the digital cameras showcased. I walked out of the shop with a £550 hole in my bank account!

Initially I simply clicked, and clicked well too. Many of my pictures came out excellent, many people loved them! Soon I started taking just too many snaps and the WOW factor declined, then I started playing with various features of the camera: Aperture/Shutter speed/ Exposure etc etc, and came up with a decent set of snaps. Auto was my favorite mode though :).

So where was I, yeah buy a camera. So keeping all this in mind, decided to by a camera with these sort of functions. Well again the choice scale was pretty wide, finally taking many parameters into consideration I finally narrowed down to a couple of cameras:
The Panasonic DMC-FZ-30/50 and the Canon S3IS.

Soon after some discussion on certain newsgroups and the various review sites these cameras were not appealing much to me. Then I started to walk down the DSLR road. For this I had to understand what really an SLR was and why all the fuss about them. Soon in educating myself, I started strolling down the physics road to revise what focal lengths were what light reflection and the likes held in photography. Soon my mind was fixed on certain SLR models, but alas they were way too expensive and worthless (if thats the right word) for a novice like me.

Then started studying the film vs. digital camera differences and what all problems one has to face with Digital SLRs. Why digital SLRs are expensive compared to their Film siblings. Despite the various drawbacks, I was in no way interested to go the Film way. Finally after much research I had the following favorite set of brands: Nikon[1], Canon[1], Pentax[1] and Olympus[1]. Soon Olympus fell off and eventually Pentax.

So now I had to decide between Canon's and Nikon's DSLRs. After some reviews Canon seemed to be more expensive and also had a some bad reviews as compared to their Nikon counterparts.

So in the Nikon category I was fighting brave between the D-50, D-70s[1] and the D-80. Soon D-80 went off the charts for $$ reasons and later the D-70s flopped on some reviews. I liked the D-50 but again, it had the dreaded dust on CCD problem, which Canon/Pentax and Olympus had solutions for. Yet I finalized on the D-50 and was almost ready to go about purchasing the same.

So by now, I had convinced myself that I was an entry level SLR guy who is to learn SLR-style photography and that the D-50 was perfect for my needs, the D-40 came out! :((

Needless to say I fell in love with this cute little camera. So again started the vicious cycle of reviewing this camera and comparisons with the D-50 etc. Soon after a lot of thought and keeping various req's in mind I had to step off the D-40.

So D-50 was finalized.
A Nikon D-50 with an AF-S DX 18 - 55 mm F3.5 - F5.6G ED lens.

Today I sent a mail Andya, who would be asking his friend to purchase the same from the US. So I am eagerly awaiting his reply and a confirmation that the D-50 is available (especially considering the fact: D-40's arrival is set to take over the D-50 production).

But still, I have the following in my charts of to buy. A slim and sleek point and shoot and a camcorder.

The point and shoot is for quick photography types and I really do not want to invest much in this area. For now the following models have good character but still to decide on the pricing factor,
Sony : T-10/30/50 W-30/70/100
Canon: SD -700/800 A 540/530
Casio: Exillm series
Olympus: Mju mini digital/Mju stylus series
FujiFilm: F-30 and Z series

To reach a consensus, for now I am pretty much narrowing down on the Canon SD camera. But who knows one day that might change :>.

For the camcorder story, following is the list from some little research done.
Panasonic: GS- 180/300/(400- out of production :(( )
Canon: Elura 100

Well still got some ground to cover then :D

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Anonymous akasture said...

Badhayi ho bhayya..Tuka ab DSLR vaale ho gaye ho..

5:05 PM  
Blogger vindy said...

Dhanyawaad bhaaya... Camera humka haath mein to ane do bhaya

Latest update
"Camera would arrive sometime by mid March.. all thanks to Anil and his better half!"

11:56 PM  

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