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Monday, July 31, 2006

Eventful weekend

Omkara was a movie that seemed to be "different", from the existing loosers. So we office buddies went over to E-square, to get entertained by bald UP characters. "Bewakuuf aur chutiye mein dhaage bhar ka farak hota hai....". No noo this is not what I believe in, its the first dialog of the movie u hear in Saif's accented voice on a blank screen. So thats the simple defination of this Hindi version of Shakespear's classic - Othello. Content over the climatic teaser the week came to an end.

Saturday(29th July) turned out be an unexpected eventful day. I was supposed to be on a trek to "VairatGad" and "Pandavgad", but for the fact that I could not get up early I had to drop out. Still I wanted to trek on this amazing dark and cool day, so Nilesh and me decided to trek up Sinhagad. The weather was wonderful, and the drive cool and amazing.

Unfortunately the roads we had to drive through were not very pleasant. Bridges were overflowing, the neighbouriong field were overflowing on the road, the countless ditches were full of water. There were ponds every way on the road! Finally driving through the "river-tar-bed" (considering the fact that road was no more than a water collection), we arrived at the base of Sinhagad and reverse parked near the temple.

I must say I was out of shape, we had to take nearly 2 halts or so. The hike/climb was, as always, amazing. All greneery everwhere with waterfalls all around. Finally we were atop in within an hours time. Nilesh commented "We easily lost 2 kgs dude" :).

Atop we regained those 2 kgs over 5 bhakris pitla and 3 plates of bhajjis and tea. The climate was awsome. One could not see the valley around as we were walking in clouds, and what made the terrain eeiry was the consistant wind that keps lashing around!

In about one hours time we decided to descend, it was roughly 6:30pm by the time we came to the start of descent. A quick pace got us back to the car in about half an hours time. Here we noticed a flat front left tyre. All I could picture was the repair shop where I had to fix the tyre.

We decided to replace the stephany wheel before changing over to dry clothes. To our horror the wrench would not easily fix itself to the screw, to loosen it. Every time we got it in the groove it would take ages just to screw it around or even geting it out of the hole! So roughly over an hour of stupid madness -and curious onlookers (villagers)- finally got the wheel off and the stephany wheel on. And another extra 10minutes of re-muscling to verify the screws were tightly bolted to the wheel.

Now we were content that all was ok, so we changed over to dry clothes in the temple and finally hopped into the car for a happy drive back. Mithun and Shatrugan dialogs made up for this leg, which came to a screeching end.

I was very slow at driving this time, not more than 10kmph! In 15 minutes on the dark narrow road we decided to recheck all the wheels for any punctures, so Nilesh hopped off and did a quick scan and gave the green signal. So we drove on.

In about 2 minutes I noticed a slight wobble and the steering wheel kept shaking rigourously on its own. Initially I though it was the bad road that led to this condition. Soon we could also hear some wierd noises, so we stoped and got out, and to our horror 2 screws were missing (allen off) from the front left wheel and the remaining 2 were loose.

It was a horrible situation to be in: 1. The wrench is bad 2: 2 screws missing 3: we were in the middle of nowhere 4: we were bang in the middle of the narrow road (and we just let a bus go to the village in the opposite direction, so it would sure return soon!). We thought fast and decided to quicky tighten the screws again.

We tightened one and decided to remove the second screw and put it in the hole adjacent to teh one we tightened- that way we would have a more stable wheel. But this we had to do without the jack, since that would eat time and also come up as a quick fix! The screw did come off but it would not go back in. Well we somehow managed to make it go halfway inside but now the wrench got stuck in the darn groove! We could see a high bright beam approching towards us from the bend behind- it was the bus! So we muscled and tussled and got the wrench off some how. The bus stopped behind us, and we took the vehicle to a side very slow and let the vehicle pass.

This time an M80 was coming down the opposite direction, so we enquired with him if a mechanic's shop was nearby. He said it was just about 5 minutes away. Soon we tightened the screw as much as we could and drove on very slow and steady ahead, and soon post some enquiries spotted the mechanics garage.

On requestes, he(the mechanic) reopened his shop and fixed the screws in tight, they still were way too loose! He also afixed in an extra long screw(since he did not have one that macthed the ones the car had) in another groove just in case. He was stunned at the fact, how we could even manage to get our wrench into those little holes. But we knew what we had been through.

Finally thanking him we left and drove back home- safe. It was roughly 10:30pm when we were back. This day was truly an eye-opener. All the food we had atop had been totaly used up musceling over the wheel and wrench.

Sunday went by cool- we had lunch at one of the dining halls and drove off to khadakwasala. It was a good drive and an amazing site of Khadakwasla! All mechanic shops were closed, so I could not purchase a new wrench or even get the tyre fixed.

Today we (dad and me) decided to take the vehicle for servicing (appointement on thursday) and get all the issues with the car sorted out!



Blogger Prashant Varma said...

V for adventure!!!

10:17 AM  
Blogger vindy said...

Yeah man and guess what, yesterday... thats tuesday.. I had another flat tyre and a flat stephanny so from office went carying the wheel to the shop .. running acrss the road and all.. then got the darn thing fixed and got back the mechanic to office to affix the tyre... now I have given the stepanny for repair. Boy are the conditions pathetic :)

12:16 PM  

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