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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Monsoons have arrived...

The heat wave had struck Pune hard, then came the cool touch of pre-monsoons which was easily mistaken by everyone including the meteorological department for monsoons. Well then came a bad period of humidity and intense heat. Afternoons were a nightmare to stroll around.

The skys were so clear at times we could spot Torna (Prachandagad) from atop MayFair towers! Needles
s to say I was flabbergasted that I could see Torna in the distance behind the far right of Sinhagad!

Then one day the clouds started howering low and the dry winds and breeze died down to a lull. The clouds grew dark and it drizzled :-(. But we were happy atleast we felt good for some time. The next day again the same, only this time the clouds were much more dark and were moving in from the South-West with a trailing grey foggy carpet touching the ground. Yes they were rain clouds! And the rains lashed in as we stood abreast - what a feeling it was, rains lashing in with the hravy breeze. It was soothing, all the clear surroundins slowly began to fade off and disappear into the grey clouds! The monsoons were in.

Today too, though being a saturday as I left for office the dark clouds hovered low and started to drizzle. The sight was awsome bight sun on the green leaves with a pitch grey background. As I drove along the Pune-Mumbai highway past Mayfair I could not resist, geting my camera out and clicking some snaps of the road and grey clouds at the mesmerising speeds :).

Now it thunders as I write this in the confines of my office! I cannot work, would go up for a cup of hot tea in the rains :).

The monsoons are here... the wet surroundings are here... the sweet smell of wet mud is here... the green surroundings and lush green hills beckon me! Behold here I come!



Blogger Prashant Varma said...

I am not a big fan of rains since I have seen the associated filth and muck on Indian roads for the better part of my life. During my school and college days I used to either walk and/or use public transportation and believe me, its not at all romantic.
The only times I have loved rains were when I was trekking or in the comfort of my home.

2:35 AM  

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