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Meet me - know me - read my posts and try to figure me! Well I am someone who is always thirsty for adventure, someone who simply hates playing sheep(u know the types - follow the herd!). An enthusiastic trekker, who loves to travel and ever ready for one of those wierd new found sports- luv to make new friends and njoy being my family's pet :)!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wet idiocys...

Now that I am enjoying the rains, thought i'd share one of my latest stupid acts :).

Well I was siting back home waiting for the football matches to start at about 12:30am. It was just around 10:30pm. The program on TV is that of Nat. Geo. Investigates, about how a plane crashed into another at take off. Amidst this I heard the faint sound of droplets so I slowly go to the door and peak through the glass pane of my balcony. By now the heavy drops were battering down on the metal window shade. The surrounding was fogged up, with straight strreaks hiting down from the orange sky. The sweet smell of mud played with my senses so much so I did not want to leave the open window pane and siomply stare at the wet surroundings- The little puddle of water that was created by this sudden downpour and the heavy noise of the water pouriong from the terrce through a pipe 4 stories hight to create a little depression where it fell!

I wanted to click some snaps (it was senseless really to click any at this hour), but something about me the rains and the camera, so off I ran to my room got me camera and started to click some pics. The pics did not come really good, the reason being it was dark and the camera took some time to capture the surrounding. Nonetheless using the grill for support I did manage to take decent ones though.

Well but this photograpy was not enough, so off I ran to the backdoor and tried clicking some though the grill. But still was not happy with the feel. So I unlocked the backdoor and stood on the inclined wet pavement in the cold under the shade. Tried a couple of clicks, but no good. So I see my car parked under the tree in front of me enjoying an amazing bath. Off I run with my camera in the downpour and place my camera on teh spoiler and click one snap with a delayed flash, the picture was ok types. I wanted to click another with no flash. but the camera too enjoyed the bath and protested any work :). But I fulfilled my wish toget soaked in the rain, and also clicked some pics.

All this in about 10 mintes and I was all drenched in 2 mins of taking that one snap off the top of my car :).

Well now my camera lies dead :-(. Hopefully it would recover pre trekking routines kick off!



Blogger Prashant Varma said...

How typical of you, Vindy!!! What's 'backdoow'? LOL.

11:44 PM  

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