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Monday, June 26, 2006

Orange drive..

Last weekend (18th June) we met up. That is Andya, Nilesh, Elen and me. Basically the day was pretty good and the weather was excellent so I could not wedge myself back home.

We planned a drive to Kanifnath. So off I went to Andya's house, and from there to Wanovari (to Nilesh's new house). Elen too was staying there as she had come by for a vist and that day was her last day before she departed back to Nasik and in a week to France.

So we all hurried in and drove down to Nilesh's house (Netaji Nagar) from there picked up his parents, sis and a guest and drove down to Kanifnath.

The initial part of the drive was not all that exellent (u see the clouds had given way for the sun and it was pretty hot!). Eventually as we drove past Kondhwa and enterd the road via Angaraj Water park the weather fell dull. So the drive was cool all the way via Bhop-Dev ghat then enroute Saswad and finanlly touching down at Kanifnath. Every now and then we would stop to click some awsome snaps of the surroundings.

Spent some quality time at Kanifnath as the clouds got thick and we could see "Purandar" and "Vjragad" covered under the dark grey blanket. Eventually we decided to leave after being in awe of the surroundings and enjoying the sweet cool breeze. Had some tea and "bhel" before deciding to push off.

On the way back we again took too many halts. The sunset was just too awsome and the orange tinge being refracted was geting stronger and stronger by the second. The sun set made its way down playing a game of cat and mouse with the clouds. It was awsome and we were left spell bound. We had an amazing halt at the start of Bhopdev ghat where the surroundings was just orange, we could hear the thunder and lightning kept striking at a distance every now and then.

Finally we decided to leave just as the drizzle picked up. It was about 8pm by the time we reached Nilus house. Had some tea and snacks before we (Andya and me) bid our farewells to Nilu and Elen.

The next leg of the drive too was an event in itself. Thunderstorms and lashing rain. I could hardly see where I was driving, and as though this was not enough- I was driving and video recording at the same time but eventually handed over the cam to Andya. It was simply fantabulous! In no time the streets were flooded and I enjoyed splasing water all over as I drove! :).

It was about 9pm when I reached home before dropping Andya back at his house!

This was one aamazing drive!

Enjoy the snaps



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