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Friday, August 11, 2006

Crooked Wednesday

Avik is suffering with a little kidney in his stone.. err sry, the otherway actually. This gives him enough opportunity to take leasure leaves! Well this time he opted for leaves on tuesday and wednesday(9th Aug).

No not due to his stone, since he was having a gruha-pravesh that day. The place was at Chandani Chowk and at about 5pm. So after a lot of yes and no's Sheetal, Sanjay, Shirish and me were the ones to go.

Having parked the vehicle in the garden parking post a day of floods: it was a tough descision is needless to utter. We decided to leave at roughly 4:14pm, Sheetal drove off and was to wait by for a pickup at Aundh. So off I came from the parking lot with the nighbouring canal ... river...gutter...whatever it is, overflowing on the tar road to the side.

The drive was cool, but way too uncool from the Poultry-Farm signal to the All-Saints school bifurcation. The potholes measuring 5 by 5 feet and 3 feet in depression with craters all along the stretch simple made it a disgrace for any person to speak guts about ones city. Well so much for it, we moved on and finally picked up Sheetal post filling in some air for the four wheels and reached Aviks place.

All clad in gold-ish jebba and payjama with a red thick tikka, he adoned a look of a seth- like he was the owner of all ~120 odd flats in that society. The puja was done, so we simple walked around his unfinished flat and ate a lot of prasad and admired its size and structure. I must say this flat has huge bathrooms! :)

After all the chitter chatter and hiking up to the terrace and saying our goodbyes, we decided to have bhajji's at one little shop on Chandani chowk that comes just before the Oasis turn.

Wanting to park the vehicle to the right poarch of the road, the right front wheel got stuck in the loose mud! It simply would not come out. Geting into the darn situation was in-itself an event to be experienced. You drive, take a slow right turn into the mud (which looked like a strong surface) and "jam" the vehicle stops as though someone caught your tyres from below and it sinks down to the right.

We tried all rocks and stones below the wheels and muscle to get the tin can on the tar road behind, but the vehicle simply would not budge, the right front wheel merrily rotated spluttering mud on anythings thats everything. Sheetal finally found a slate stone and with Sanjay's aid the vehicle finaly came off the marsh.

So we parked the vehicle on the other side of the road next to a lazy cow merrily mooing and winking at us. Unfortunately the shop had nothing to offer! Daaarnn!!!... simply double daarnnn! All this truoble for nothing!

Well no way, or so I thought. We came with an aim to eat bhajji's and that we will have. We did not take all this trouble for nothing, we will eat bhajji's if not here somewhere else. So off I took everyone via Ambrosia past Pirangut ghat to this little snack shop - "ShriPaad snacks"! This place I know offers amazing bhajji's and all sorts of indian snacks!

Rought 15kms from the muddy event we sat at ease munching on freshly prepared hot bhajjis and a speacial request ginger tea! Here we sat for over 1.5 hours talking of all sorts of things, college days, past crushes etc etc. Now I know Sanjay was a brat in college days :D

Driving through the consistant drizzle and dark roads I finally bid my farewell to my last passenger Shirish (:D) at about 9pm.

It was a real good day!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Vindy,

When you visit any new place, why you always look at the bathrooms and toilets. I hope you haven't messed up avik's new toilet, man.

Sujit ...

4:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

vahi vindy ka speciality hai...............

1:46 PM  
Blogger vindy said...

Koi Shaq!

1:03 PM  

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