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Friday, December 01, 2006

Walking down a day...

I fail to understand why this happens, a statue is dishonored and all rage breaks loose.

The situation...
We were working in office, when suddenly the office boys start running around cubicles notifying the remnant few (its 7:30pm) about the curfew situation and the bad bloody protests in various pockets of the city. Ok.. so that spiced up my dull day, I had something to talk about and many guyz in office started calling home and friends asking and confirming the same. Protests, everywhere!

So I closed my machine and sped home, there was nothing to realize that a protest was on except for the empty roads.

Next day the protest caught more rage and a train is lit up, but again I came back home with empty roads and no commotion. But that day my colleagues claimed seeing mobs in actions, also the repetitive news channel kept presenting the same horror over and over again saying it was horrible this and cannot be seen! Some news !

Next day, I had to service my car so rode down to the car station gave it for damage repairs, and decided to walk up to office. By now, some minister had talks with other ministers and it was decided the protectors wont protest today. Aw, common... I need empty roads.

So what did the dog do?
So I walked by the busy roads down to office. Doing so saw this dog sitting quiet next to a shop as a guy walked past him with a helmet in his hand and the dog ducked and wagged his tail and finally, alas, looked back at the guy as he walked past. Maybe the dog expected some petting, maybe he was expecting food. I kept walking as I passed the bridge...

There I saw this dog trotting in the opposite direction, head low and eyes looking straight ahead and down when someone came past him. He was not bothered about who did what, if someone scared him- he would run away and manage his own business. Thats when I remembered this one dog incident after a trek.

..We were seated at the steps of a shop at the base village of "Ambivali" having tea and "pohe". This dog got up and stood in front of me starring at me and my food wagging his tail, he had one ear cut. I said "go away man, I cant give u any now... I am starved", thats when one of my trek-mates said "common man .. why do u think he is asking for food.. maybe he is blessing you for the fact you are having food in his company" sure he was kidding and we laughed about it... but then this incident started to make sense now... gave a wide grin and continued to walk on.

As I was passing the college road, there were these huge trucks on the other side and people unloading crates. Two dogs were there wagging and jumping around and squealing as other people appeared with a helping hand. No one paid attention to the brats, but there they were jumping in joy and enjoying themselves. I walked on.

Back to reality...
Late in the evening, rumors started making waves of a new protest that some other statue had been humiliated! That the same areas as the other two days were in turmoil.

So I chatted with a friend and we came to a comical consensus that all statues be uprooted and placed in a museum. And were brainstorming the situations that would arise if a statue with no importance had been humiliated!

None the less, the rumor is still on and it seems to be true .. possibly.

Dogs... they know to live in peace, sure they howl at night and create a nonsense situation. But they can live in harmony.

Are we missing something? Do we have something to learn? Are we really as advanced as they say we are? Are the developed ones really as developed as they they are? Is power and might that is all that it has to it?



Blogger Aniket Anikhindi said...

to learn.. yes we have a lot!

9:22 AM  
Blogger Prashant Varma said...

You seem to be living a 'dog's life'!!!

8:30 AM  
Blogger vindy said...

Yup nike lots to learn and look back, and pashi I am subjectively living in a dogs world :D

3:14 PM  

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