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Monday, December 11, 2006

WD-40 bhayya

We were running to Shivneri late, and to top it all one of the tyre was flat! As if this was not enough the screws were well bolted to the wheels and wouldn't budge, so much so that the wrench got bent in the process. Finally after a lot of muscling, a borrowed -better (non legacy 'TATA' wrench)- the nuts freed up to let us a wheel replacement!

This was in the monsoons over 4 months back, I still hadn't got a new wrench and cared less for doing something about the now rusting and tough nuts!

Last week, I faced the grunt. Another flat tyre. And the saga seemed to repeat itself- tight nuts a bent wrench that bent even more. And to top it all, I managed to break the borrowed wrench from office! :)). But no -the nut did not budge a millimeter. A lot of helping hands, and legs for that matter too, made no difference.

I knew I had to get a mechanic -the next day -and buy a new wrench (the Taparia brand) and a WD-40[1] magic solution (this was suggested to us by a kind person who helped us with wizzo solutions over the rusty nut 4 months back).

So the next day I bought the WD-40 solution and no wrench. At office, we called a mechanic and he too could not do anything about it (he was a 2 wheeler mechanic and did not have a better wrench either:) ). Well so we sprayed the WD-40 and held our breath for a few minutes, hoping for a miracle. Nothing seemed to happen, then we got a long rod( the chained barricade rod) and used that for added torque , but the mechanic used it to rectify the wrench and in a minute the bolts seemed to come out with no protest!

All bolts were free, pretty cool eh! WD-40 rocks. Now thats a part of my car kit. I dont care if I have a crooked wrench. This WD-40 is a liquid wrench for me :)



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