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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

PC PC PC ...

Geting a new PC was in my agenda for a long long time.

I guess, this thought process started from the very day some 4 years post my start of career, thats some err.. well lets see, I passed off in 2000 so yes somewhere from around 2004, tahts some 3 years now!. Well I kept delaying it for an array of reasons. Lazziness tops the list.

My comp was now nothing more than a bunch of borrowed parts, I mean the CD drives were dead, so Andya lent me his CD drive and mouse(for my wealth of dead mice).. The monitor had his own patented green tinge. The keyboard and mouse would take turns at times refusing to work, the comp would get moody and pretend to be me -Lazy and slow :).

But again it was a Pentium3 -It started in a class of its own and ended in a class of my own!

The Floppy drive was damaged and pushed off its position for a long time, I forgot I did not have one, so much so that once a technician inserted a driver floppy diskette in the empty (FDD) slot of the Cabinet it just fell inside!

Nilesh kept tauntiung me , Andya gave up taunting me. Dad kept asking for an upgrade, mom said get a "flat monitor" computer.. I kept telling my self every week for the last 3 years I would do it next weekend! Mysteriously that weekend came on 2nd June 2007!

For the last 3 years I saw the Pentium 4 come and die I saw the Pentium D come and Die I saw the Core2Duo geting an upgrade and finally saw AMD geting its feet wet with its own Athelon 64 and X2 series of processors. I kept configuring my virtual computer for all these years with an array of Motherboards and CPU combinations, I also dremt my computer with all those neon lights and a huge DLP projector with a 7.1 surround and a mega fast Shader2 Dx10+ compatible Grapics card with one of those latest Creative Soundcards with external ports and controls, Multimedia keyboards and mouse with all those flashy red and blue lights and a monitor, if needed, switchable with the Projector as a 22" flat TFT! Thats dream land :)

I had to face reality and came up with something sensible for my needs! So the tough question, what are my needs!? Well for the last couple of years I had not used my desktop too much for and array of reasons: A couple of them being, The desktop had become pretty slow, and by now I had the company provided IBM Lenoveo DualCore thinkpad Laptop, which let me do all my stuff in 2 core ;). So dad was the only major user for this desktop. I had given up a pretty long time back, and all I knew about this PC was that installing any new softewae -may it be an Anti Virus program or any utility spelt SLOWNESS!

So where was I,.. yes my needs. I needed something that was responsive to all applications, so in other words a fast computer (who would need a slow one anyways?) , application wise : Word, Exel, for Dad in general internet browsing, Movies and to be true to my core interests - Graphics intensive! (Here I go again .. the green and blue lights.. blah blah..), .. "Arrey Vindya are you really going to use that computer as much, considering the fact that you are in office most of the time and now that you have a lapotop, you do most of the stuff on that laptop!" said Andya. True, there was a lot of truth in that, yes I like playing games and all, but it was now what like 4 years or more since I really played anything to term myself a gamer! So ok I really did not need a graphics intensive Computer.

That when I started being practical about my decision, which was a wonder! All the flasy blue and red lights started switching off and I started seeing AMD and Intel processors float around. It was decideD I would take a dual core, but would it be Intel or AMD was not decided. I was pretty sure I would be geting the Intel or AMD MotherBoard, any 3rd part MBs were not very likely (Avik just bought an ASUS MB. He was pretty satisfied and was all gaga googoo about it..) was one website that Andya pointed me to, thiS is a website for a Chennai based reatiler, which has all the latest prices. So I could use this webpage as a refrence for my configuration. My budget was set to be between 30-40K.

Months and months of research both technically and financially saw me see newer processors and components come and go and price fall every week! Budget came and went off, all prices for electronics went up and eventually it fell downa again! I could sense, it was geting late... Common I am 28 and mom dad are after me you know!!! I had to do things soon :D. So one fine weekend after a couple of flop shows Andya came to me house early on saturday and we went through all possible printouts I had, and went through researching stuff from numerous sites. I was going in for an AMD X2 processor with an ASUS MotherBoard(Thanks to Avik and :) ).

So finally we went through a list of ASUS dealers and found this guy "Ankita Sales" on Kuntekar road behind Kulkarni Petrol Pump (It was very close to Alaka theater and very cose to my house). The day was dark , clouds everywhere- we rode off on Andya's Pulasar to the shop. There we met a Mr. Vishwanath who on listening to my reqs. came up with this processor -MB configuration:
AMD X2 3600+

But later on my requests and lots of thoughts (I mean a lot this went on all day), we finally had this total final configuraion:
AMD X2 5000+
320G SATA HDD (Seagate)
1G Memory (667 MHz) (Transcend)
LG 18X DVD RW+ Optical drive
2.1 Altec Lanseng Speaker system
19" WideScreen ASUS Monitor (VW192T)
iBall Keyboard and laser Mouse set
iBall 400Watts Cabinet

The effective bill after some negotiation (none there though ) came to 36000/- INR.

"Its a cool configuration man " said Andya. That evening at about 6pm we got all the components but the monitor, since it was to be shipped in from Mumbai. The computer was all balck now, it had no jazzy lights but it was all sleek black and it ran faster that I could imagine. It was fast!

Eventually after some delays the monitor arrived on Wednesday evening (6th June) and this too was jet black and looked cool. is a pretty bright monitor though, so I had to persue the ASUS guyz to confirm if this is normal behaviour, They said it was . Also it seems that wide screen LCDs have some tube type lights to the top and bottom which give a kind of bright light effect to the top and bottom, some consider that a feature others a bug. (Its all relative in an IT engineers life) so I accepted the former :)

But for now, I am a truly satisfied person, my mom got her "flat computer", my dad got a fast and a responsive computer, Nilya and Andya are happy with the configuration! And me, yes me ... I feel- top of the world.

In case you are wondering of the Graphics card thing, well the MB itself has an onboard 6150 NVIDIA GEFORECE cipset and Onboard Sound.. which is just too good. Whats more, it even has all sorts of TV outs and firewire ports!

So I guess I got myself a computer that's a shade more than my practical needs and a shade less that my imaginary needs! Eitherways I am a satisfied person :).

As for my old computer, plans are to pait it all black and place it next to my TV set and use it to show movies on teh TV for my parents and get it on e wireless n/w with my new PC!

Jolly good I should say, over 3 years in waiting for a good PC.



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