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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meetup Break..

Almost all of us who discussed were too "sure" to meetup. The day was set to monday but our Sardaar declared his presence today (Friday) so we decided to meetup the same day.

Avik/Yogesh did not team in since they had other appointments and the rest of the folks were safely assumed to be out of the meet. A few final phone calls and mails later Piyush and me left from offie at about 7:15 pm negotiating the buggy traffic. Piyush was to pick sanjay from Mayfair whilst I voulenteered to go pickup the injured Sardaar(Sheetal) from his place at Aundh.

Nice chitchats snacks and tea later left with sardaar towards Chandani Chowk where we were to meet Sanjay and Piyush.

It was roughly 8:30pm when we met the duo in a smoke could at Chandani Chowk. Soon we decided to have dinner at Oasis and made a dash for the hotel. There was just 1 table for us and we took it. I mean it was near the entry, but really for people like us nothing matters. Soon the Carnivorous drunks ordered their share of booze and meat whilst I picked on some soda and 'ghaas puus'.

The talk wavered from what we were all upto to what all we did to what all we have been doing to what all we should have done. So we decided on picking up one of our un-present mates and make a mockery out of him. Soon everyone teamed in and added spice and garlic to the topic. The night was warm and it was getting foggy with the chain smokers not quiting their routine and was geting shaky with the boozers not failing to order another.

Time went by and we (at least me) came to realize all we had were some starters and a lot of 'chakna', had to order something for us starving cows. A few rotis daal and rice was the only menu for the night. So we spoke of what we could do and why we did what we did and how doing what we were not supposed to do actually made us feel right in doing what we did (agghhh!). So as we discussed one of our drunks started to count sheep dancing around his head. So he made a gallant effort getting up to freshen himself.

Another beer was the order of the night :-). DAmm, how can these guyz gulp in so much! So the drunk returned and made a gallant attempt clearing imaginary sheep off his seat and fill his mug with booze (err.. its a different thing he never dared take another sip).

The talk then transcended to why they ordered so much beer and how on one of the trips we had to face the fright of the night :-). Well the time was ticking through the night as we decided to walk out. The waiters by now were stacking up chairs and tables.

Outside we had some paan and the smokers puffed through the cloud, as we aimlessly walked down the parking lot discussing what we did and how much we had and how we had came here once upon a time and that we should meet quiet often.

Now astride our mobikes I decided to trail Piyush and Sanjay. We(Sardaar and me) were worried if these guyz could actually drive through? I mean all along the quiet deserted mid night roads Sanjay kept wishing us 'Good Morning' "Ekdum Good Morning ho gaya hai boss" and cursing the oncoming traffic. When I synced up with Piyush to confirm some directions, gave it a pass since he was wide squint eyed scaling the road like a hawk :-).

Soon I left Sardaar at his place then rode down to Sanjay's place to see if they reached in one piece. Sanjay said Piyush left him and was on his way home.

Once back home smsed Piyush to confirm his arrival -"Ghar pahunchte hi sms kar dena", I got an immediate reply "Nahi". Then in about 15 mins got another sms from him "Reached" :)



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