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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weekday past 2am... Pashi in town.

Its been a long time since I laughed insane, its been a long time since we all laughed insane and its been even longer since we laughed insane for no reason!

Pashi was in town, and that mandated a meetup. The birthday put me in the host's seat. Picking Andya from his place at ~8:20pm and then Pashi and Nilya driving down to me house had us munching over mouth-watering gulab jamuns and a lot of snacks,mom had prepared, over some hilarious scenes from "The Angrez". Pritam was next on the accused list, many phones and laughs later the car rode us to Pritam's (~10).

Pritam has not changed one bit. Its been ages since I've met him :). Bear hugs and "kya yaar " "kya rao " "hey man" "yoyyoyoyo" 's later, I was commanded to take us to a hotel- where I did not know. Oasis made sense, so on we rode past FC, Ganeshkid to Pashan Road. All sorts of amazing discussions engulfed this leg of the drive. So many catch up's and mises from our void -it was amazing.

Soon we took the Sus left and headed for Chandani Chowk and eventually onto dark-dark :) NDA road. Being a weekday, the couples were missing from nooks and corners- but that's about when we spotted a few and on came the HI-LO beam game. Oasis made its appearance in the dark corner, without a slow-down we took a sharp left down the uneven path to the car-park. "How did we reach so soon?" I thought. It was ~10:40pm.

We picked ourselves a table away from the crowd for the predicted boasts, loud noises, laughter riots and what not- and yes we were true to our word. The drinkers got their vodkas and we non-sinners got ourselves exotic mocktails (names like Namibian Nights, Pink Panther and Fiery Ice makes them sound Exotic!). The waiter asked us to place all orders since the kitchen was to close soon. The discussion went on through all names in the menu card to all confusion over what sort of Rotis to order! Usual confusions later we had some chick dish for starters some veg-platter(that never came) 2 vegs 1 daal a Roti ka Tokri :) and rice. Roti Ka Tokri was the best decision -it had all and no confusion, was filling and bang on.

The discussions soon wavered from serious talk to lighter hickups to mindless rant. Andya kept starring at his glass and kept munching on peanuts, I blast out laughing "You are drunk without a sip man... munching on Peanuts !" "Aye Vindya .. you are drunk without a drink -check your Namibian Night if that had anything .. laughing for no reason!" chuckled Ands. That was enough for the chuckkles to set in -I was getting out of control. Pashi kept patting my back "Controool man.. controol". I don't know, maybe its something about being surrounded by good friends that pushes me way into my comfort zone and go insane... I really don't know.

Then came little stories of how an irritated Anil once shouted to a bystander who was asking for the time in marathi -"Mala Marathi yet Nahi!", we all were in splits. Then came in various stories from all around the place. Anything anybody spoke or even uttered let the loud "HA" with repetitions with a mouth wide open so loud that we had to console ourselves to dimer volumes. Prasad was engaged and the time was 12am -we decided to pick on him.

Pashi did the honours to get snores to breaths and hisses to words -Prasad was awoken:). The round robin had us asking Prasad questions and answers to teases and irritations- what better way to irritate someone in the middle of the night just past commitment to mindless rant and laughter.. that too over phone! Prasad was happy we were all the same and perfectly normal.

Soon the dinner onslaught came to an end after a few more mindless laughs over Andya's new dumb-bells :). Nilya was getting late and was in a hurry. But we had to drop Pashi. The car took the dark NDA road past Sus- past Abhimanshree- past Parihaar- past Breman- past Aundh- to the Khadaki railway crossing where we took our first halt. We had to, the gate was down for a slow goods train to pass us. We imagined the train stopping for us (played Hi-Lo just to add to the giggles). After the long wait the gates eventually opened and got us to the other -uneven Martian surface- side. The road was bad but soon past the Bridge it got wonderful.

Zipping at insane speeds and then taking a central lane we reached Chinchwad. Himesh and many singers kept us company as Nilya and Pritam took turns snoring. Eventually a few turns later we were at Pashi's place- The place where I was once introduced to a "Nirdosh"! Yeah... whatever. Chatted for a few minutes before bidding our farewells back to the doggy streets to the highway. (~1:15).

The road then got us back via Aundh to SB road to FC to drop Pritam at his place. Nilya started getting his calls. Soon we reached home and decided to trail Nilya (he insisted he'd take his scooter back home despite my repeated persuals to drop him by car) all the way to his place at Wanowari(~2am). Andya and me kept discussing -LIFE :), and kept consoling as we trailed onto Wanowari.

Soon we reached Nilya's (2:20am) bid our farewells before zipping back to Andya's place at Sahakar Nagar. Had a lot of mature talk - I guess, its like, when a person gets too sleepy he probably feels he is too wise and.. for a blabberer like me it means I start sharing the wisdom. Hmm. Andya kept saying I made sense- maybe I am good -..... Naaat.

It was past 2:30am when I got home, mom said "So you are back haan..." "Sleep" said dad :).



Blogger Prashant Varma said...

Too detailed man! Insteda of describing the routes, you should have out more of our comments! Ah, but we talked so much and passed so many comments that it was difficult to keep track of them. Good times!

12:05 PM  
Blogger vindy said...

Agreed man.. just need to get over my urge to thrash in details. And yes.. we spoke so much ,was difficult keeping track... umm.. why did I describe the routes so much .. aggGGHHHh!

12:43 PM  

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