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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The day they saw blunts...

Once upon a time, Avik came by my cubicle and handed over a box to me. It looked different and unlike other boxes. It was a box cigars. Why me!? I do'nt smoke!

Well his philosophy was different, he just wanted to get rid of that box. He probably thought I did not smoke so that box would be preserved for some more time- actually my cube was adjacent to his. Sanjay was dead angry and frustrated with him at the time " विंडी तो पीता नहि है, &%#(% @( उसे काहे दे दिये सिगार? एएए मोटाईमल बताओ तो... सब बरबाद कर दिये।"

Well I managed to keep that 5 pack with me for roughly 3 years now. Nachiket, Piyush, Mandar were amongst the consistently persistent ones for getting their hands on that box. I did not even give them a glimpse of the pack. Maybe I was trying to be a "messenger of good"- thou shalt not drink Cigars :)

One fine day, I was tired of keeping that box and being nagged at all times. Mandar and Piyush were in a discussion -Plop- I tossed the box on the table "ले ऎश कर।". Both of them starred at the box, then at me, then at the box and then at each other -wide eyed. "क्या है ये ?" asked Mandar "सिगार का बो़क्स- क्या बात है विंडी!.. क्या हो गया तेरेको?!" expressed Piyush "रख लो..." I said.

Have you seen a kid(really small.. like say around two) with a packed Birthday parcel, the enthusiasm and eagerness with which it tears open the wrapping and at the end of which it gives the tounge-out smile with saliva bubbles popping off the edges and then goes slap slap over the box. I witnessed a similar but marginally mature behavior that day with two twenty something year old kids :).

The discussion stopped, the outer lamination came off in a jiffy and then rose a sweet aroma- a very familiar distasteful in a way but still a sweet smell. Then out came 5 dark beige-brown-greenish (lets call it the cigar color) cartridges. Each wrapped in it own separate plastic covering. The many years of preservation had taken its toll, the covers clinged to each other and needed an ant effort to get them apart. Piyush and Mandar smiled like they were looking at a stick of Ambrosia. Then came the moment- one Cigar was selected to be peeled off its plastic jacket -off it came as all of us peered down at the cut end to the flakes of dry leaves and twigs (tobacco) stuffed in.

"यार इस्को फ़िल्टर नहि है।" I commented.. "अब्बे, ये सिगार है सिगार ।" both pounded over my sarcastic comment. By now each of us held a cigar in our hand and Vito Corleone and LOIN ( सारा शहर मुझे लोइन के नाम से जांत है। fame) made their spirits felt in no time -all sorts of dialogs from various celluloids and immense know-hows on how to hold and smoke a cigar ensued the next few minutes. Nachiket teamed in.

"ओय होय.. क्या बात है!" Nash was elated. The discussion continued over the Ubuntu screen swirling around from Epanny to Firefox from one Cigar know how to the other. "एक्स्पैरि डेट काकुच पंगा है क्या.. विंडी ने सडा दिया सब सिगारस को। " Piyush barked. I always thought Cigars were like Wine- older the better. Yiekks!

No one bothered about the expiry and decided "पियेंगे यार .. एक दिन शान से". I returned to my cube with one bargained Cigar- afterall a momento was mandated though I never smoked.

The "पियेंगे शान से" day came in a week. The usual post office 7 something O'clock all of us walked down to the 3rd floor terrace with smiles and enthusiasm of little college kids ready to do and dance over something unheard and undiscovered of. We borrowed a cutter to get rid of the blunt end. With the honors done, "बहुत लाइट है रे.. म्म ह्म्म.. इतना मज़्ज़ा नहि है।" "दे तो ज़ारा.. हां.. लैकिन वो मांन्युलि जो सिगार बनाता है, उस्से तो स्ट्रोंग है.." "दिखा तो.. हां, सहि बात है.. लैकिन लाइट हैयार-गुडांन गरम जैसा हि है.. " "बता.. क्या है यार.. कुछ भि नहि, हुक्का इस्से स्ट्रोंग है, ले।" "ओय.. क्या बात है.. .." "चल छोड.. जाता मैं घर, बीवी राह देख रहि है.." "चल बे.. .. .." "मैं फोनकरके आया। " "बस कर, पूरा पियेगा क्या?" ".. .. खत्म करता हूं .. .. .. .. .." "क्या हुवा?" "बुजारहा हुं, नहि होगा, दस बज जयेंगे खत्म करते करते। ".

Back at the cubicle, "चल विंडी... आज से मैंने सिग्ग्रेटस छोड दिये।" blasted Piyush, "और क्या... सिगार चालु कर दिये?" smirked Mandar. "हां..." all laughed. Sorry Avik, your cigars are now in the open :).



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